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Global kOS says it's a small group of hackers - in the, "True Sense of The Word."
That means they do their own thing and despise anyone who doesn't.

Who's in it? I had an email from The Shadow Hunter (before I knew about Global kOS) which said, among other things: "Spent some time looking at your site, brought a smile to my face it did, liked what you wrote about Silicon Toads site being ripped off, it happens all the time, but that Raid one was totally ridiculous ..."

We got to talking and it turns out Shad is one of the kOS guys. The others are: Acid Angel; Glitch; Silicon Toad; The Raven; That Guy; Spidey and, Zaven. The two latest (and last) members are Materva and Swine. Which means the list is now full and in case you're looking to join the kOS kLAN, no new applications are being accepted.

But there's still a way to get in the back door, so to speak. kOS has decided to, "make globalkos.org the place to hang out, so we're going to be coding a MUD up, so people can come over and chill with everyone else, meet new friends, and generally just hang out." But making the MUD involves a serious amount of work and the kOS guys are looking for people to help code it up with them. "It's still in the beginning stages of construction," they say, "so if you want to apply to help build this baby, then send mail to applymud@globalkos.org and we'll see if we can get you involved."

Meanwhile, friends, admirers and debt collectors can email kOS members at: acid@globalkos.org glitch@; materva@; raven@; shadowh@; spidey@; swine@; tg@; toad@; and, zaven@.

Anyhow, kOS' main claim to fame is (was) the deadly Up Yours email bomber, so named, says Acid, "because I wanted to see Dan Rather say 'Up Yours' on TV."

But (sob) that was not to be. "Up yours has received more press than any other single program ever in history without being named. Someone used Up yours to blow Rush Limbaugh off of the net and it has been used repeatedly to blast at the white house address. it has also been widely used against politicians and AOL and Prodigy (to name only a few of the lame online rip-offs), even Captain Crunch got mailbombed by our program (it was in the October issue of Internet Underground we think... he received in excess of three thousand e-mails and subscriptions for mailing lists) but still it's name has never made the paper press. The reason behind this is that after AOhell came out and was publicized in the media, everyone went and got it and started using it. if everyone went and got this program, well we would be happy, but the bastards who censor shit would not be nor would syspos and sysadmins worldwide."

Be that as it may, as the whole world knows by now, UY3 is now out there with a lot more to offer ... as you'll find out if you keep turning the pages.

kOS also has a new page with its own domain.

But UY3 is the latest and last. As the guys say, "kOS has decided to drop the Up Yours project, after we changed the face of e-mail bombing, and everyone else started to release these second rate programs, none of them were totally anonymous, and the kOS aren't releasing the information on how to do it completely anonymously, basically we wrote the software to be completely anonymous, the other people designing these new mailbombers really need to learn how to change the headers, and not use smtp servers that remove the headings, as this will cause you a lot of problems if that server happens to change its mail server."

What's going to fill the UY gap?

The Global kOS Digital Destruction Suite ... incorporating Up Yours 4 and, "maybe a virus creation lab, and a few other destructive utilities that will help you bring down that all important sever if the need arises. Obviously we can't say what the suite will consist of, but when it's released, you can guarantee that kOS will reside on the net."

Spidey says,"The way the DD suite is shaping up, it looks to be a blunt instrument. Something to 'brute-force' your way through whatever obstacle. Useful, but no style or grace to it ;) But hey, what do you want?"

The Global kOS Hacking Suite ... which, "all you newbies and wannabes have always wanted. kOS says this software will,"do the hacking for you," and will include,"automated hacking programs, so you no longer have to do the reading but instead you can just call up the software to do it for you. We have been researching different methods of breaching security on many different systems, and are now in the process of coding up the suite. Current features will include Hacking 101 - a guide to hacking for all the newbies who want to learn a thing or two, A new version of kOS Krack - this will automate the kracking procedure of password files,, but we'll see about that when we get to that part of the coding, and we'll devise a few other nice little utilites too, but most of them will just be to break straight in, rather than have you guys do any of the work."

The Global kOS Phreaking Suite ... a collaborative effort between Spidey and Glitch which'll be like the Hacking Suite, "but to do with phreaking, we haven't even begun to look at this one yet, but we'll be discussing it in the near future, so watch this space for more details

The Global kOS Security Suite ... which will be,"a few new tools to help the system administrators out there prevent the likes of us from breaching their systems, and just a few general tips and tricks to help them out, kOS has decided that its about time we gave back to the administraor community after plundering their systems for the past however many years. Furthermore, we have spent the last few months looking at encryption methods, and we think we have devised the most awesome encryption algorithm ever, we're basically going the whole hog this time, and a 10,000 bit encryption program will hopefully be included in the security suite. You may ask how the hell are we going to get round the export restrictions in the US? Erm, due to the fact it's being written in the UK, it really won't cause us a problem cos we'll just import it into the US and voila it's legal. Lets see how the NSA intends to deal with this one. Oh, and by the way, we won't be releasing the source code or anything, and no we definately won't be giving a key to the authorites to decrypt it. More on this soon though cos at the moment we're still in the coding stages.

That's now. But when I first started talking to kOS I got in touch and Shadow, Spidey and I ended up on a marathon Chat, toured a load of warez sites, talked about mailbombing and generally got connected.

The first part's on the next page. For now, the chat made me remember something I've thought before - that there aren't very many dummies in the hack/warez/phreak, etc, groups.

A lot of them may be misguided. Some of them are jerks. And a few are right out of their minds. But dummies they ain't.

Spidey, Shadow, Acid, ST and the other kOS guys I've spoken to fall into the category of intelligent people with a long and dangerous streak of curiosity who have been known to leap before they look and end up having to pay the consequences - which can include attracting unwelcomed attention from TPTB - the Powers that Be! (Shudder!)

And one of the areas Shadow leapt into was email bombing ...

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