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Cachet. Cachet is a floating toolbar accessory designed to recover documents stored in Netscape's disk cache. The text and date search allows quick retrieval of documents seen days or weeks ago. Recovered documents include all of the saved images associated with the original. Groups of documents can be copied to disk for later viewing offline or transfer to an associate.
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What will Cachet do for me?

Step Back In Time
Some time last week, you saw an article in the Mercury News about a new Microsoft tool for web page construction. At least you think it was in the Mercury News, it might have been in the Wall Street Journal, or was it the Sunday Times? With Cachet, you can revisit those pages in seconds by specifying a search word or phrase and a time period to search. They are all still on your hard drive, complete with pictures and links to other sites. All without connecting to the network.

Save That Article!
That article looks like it is worth saving. Copy the web page to your archive folder and include all the pictures from the cache. Once saved, you can view it with Netscape any time you want. Copy the whole newspaper to your laptop and read it on the road. Save the text from a document in a file and read it in your word processor.

It's deja vue all over again.
Your Netscape toolbar now has a couple of new arrows. Click right to view other web pages from the same search. Click left to go backwards in time. Rebrowse all the sites from a previous day on-line. It's amazing how much more you see when the graphics don't take time to appear, and you aren't rushing to get off the modem.

Tell me more about...

The Netscape disk cache.
The Netscape WWW browser uses a disk cache to save copies of documents which you have viewed. The number of documents saved is determined by setting the size of the cache in the Options menu under Network Preferences. With Cachet, it is possible to search all of the saved documents in order to view them again without connecting to the network. Depending on your cache size and how much web surfing you do, you should be able to view documents originally seen weeks or even months ago. In most cases, all of the images will be present in the reconstructed document.

What's new in this version?

Version 1.05
Problems reading the Netscape Communicator 4.01 cache were corrected.
Multiple Cache directories are supported for multiple users or multiple Navigator versions on the same computer.
A bug which caused problems with files over 65K was fixed.
A Quick View button was added to the Browser dialog.

Version 1.04
A small progress bar replaced the rebuild window.
Cachet output is "cached" during a session for immediate display of documents previously viewed.
Fixed minor bugs that caused problems with some embedded Java scripts.

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Cachet is a trademark of BenLo Park Software.
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