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VRML stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language, and is a language specification that allows you to define what is termed a "3D World". With this you can create a complex 3D representation on one type of machine, such as a PC, and move it to another type of machine such as a UNIX box and be able to display the results without any addition work. Like Java, the VRML 'player' is machine specific, the content is not.

The newest version of VRML is VRML 2.0 and is also called The Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 Specification. This newest version will enhance VRML by integrating interactive capability and allowing interaction between VRML, Java, and JavaScript. Instead of tripping through a catalog you will be strolling through a virtual store front.

VRML 1.0 Samples

Examples will work with Netscape and/or Internet Explorer. All of the examples were implemented for the Live3D plug-in.

new VRML 2.0

This new site will include examples of VRML 2.0.

VRML Sites

o Yahoo's VRML page
o VRML Repository
o The VRML Organization site
o The VRML 2.0 Final Specification
o The VRML 2.0 Final Specification

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