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Classic Arcade

Total Levels

Demo Version Levels
5 One-Player and
4 Two-Player

1 or 2

Input Devices:


BuyDirect Now! Blast through 75 levels of time blocks! This fast paced arcade classic boasts stunning graphics, awesome music, and digital sound effects. TwinBlok features 50 action-packed one-player levels and 25 additional two SIMULTANEOUS player levels. An old favorite, with some new, refreshing and unexpected twists.

Why save the universe? Better worry about saving your butt! The Time Spinners do not look kindly on failure. They'll yank your status, terminate your entity, and zap you into the netherest of the nether regions. Your journey begins when Executive Time Spinner (ol' "T.S.," you know) drops you ill-prepared and poorly armored into the fray, fighting off everything the Razerrians (antiquated holdouts from the Snarr Sector) can drop, kick or throw at you. Blast through their defenses, traverse the 50 levels of time blocks they will use to impede your travel. They'll tantalize you with pictures from your home planet, hurl you through space, instead of merely time, and dazzle you with nefarious patterns reminiscent of the arcades in the Neo-Draconian Sector in a celebrated age long past. It's no cakewalk. Some of the time blocks are deceptive. So what if you fail? So what, indeed!
System Requirements (Registered Version):
  • 386SX 16 MHz or higher
  • 1 Meg RAM Memory
  • 3 Megs Free Hard Drive Space
  • VGA Graphics Card
  • Mouse and Joystick
  • Soundcard

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