Peirce Anthology Project - Electronic Representation

At the department of Public Administration and Public Policy, the department of Computer Science and the department Philosophy and Social Sciences of the University of Twente the PAPER (Peirce's Anthology Project - Electronic Representation) project is running at this moment. Within this project people are working on the development of a so-called hypercard system where Peirce's concepts and definitions with respect to reasoning methods, semiotics and existential graphs will be made available.

The last two years three people of the forementioned departments have studied for some time Peirce's unpublished manuscripts and important passages on the forementioned fields at the Texas Tech University Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism. This has resulted in an extensive quantity of material that has been hardly accessible sofar. In consultation with the forementioned institute, the Peirce Edition Project in Indianapolis and the Houghton Library at Harvard University will work on a suitable electronically unique method to make this material available.

Especially in the works of Peirce concepts and definitions are inclined to develop as time goes by. This rather essential (for studying Peirce's work) feature can hardly be traced in the non-historical Collected Papers. The chronological Selected Writings is with respect to this a major improvement, but it will take at least 20 years to finish this edition completely. A hypercard representation on the other hand makes it possible to trace for example the historical course of a certain concept in Peirce's manuscripts, or to compare related concepts.