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"Float" by Tim Didymus - a CDROM release from SSEYO of KoanMusic in the ambient/chillout genre. It is the second in a range of KoanMusic titles on the SSEYO Konstellations label, and first shipped August 97.

The CD-ROM version of Float contains over 90 original Koan pieces of an ambient nature, and the SSEYO Koan Web Platinum software (KoanMusic player), plus 13 audio recordings of selected pieces. Each Koan piece in Float has been specially written to take advantage of the palette of sounds available in one or more of the following top PC soundsystems:

PC soundcard/soundsystem:

* A Koan album is a special Koan file containing a playlist of the Koan pieces.

Boxed Goods:

Soon to be available!

Electronic downloads:

Each of the Soundcard specific Koan albums is available for separate download (without a Koan Player). You will still need a Koan Player to hear them; we recommend you also purchase either the Koan Web Gold or Koan Web Platinum player. There are no audio recordings provided with electronic purchases.

System Requirements:

66 MHz 486 PC or higher, Koan Player, soundcard to match the pieces, 8Mb RAM, Microsoft Windows 3.1x / Windows 95 / Windows NT4, Mouse, Keyboard.

De La Warr Float Installation

Conceived by Tim Didymus (runs 2nd - 10th August 1997)

"For the De La Warr Float installation I have selected 8 digital Koan files, with each file containing a unique self-organising musical identity. These pieces, unlike a recording, are realised and composed in 'real-time' as you listen to them. Like a live musical improvisation, the files can endlessly explore variations against the back-drop of a 'rule-base'. I like to think of these pieces as having their own 'inner lives'.

The way for this type of musical process, known as 'generative music', has been opened up by the use of computer processing to interpret musical rules specified by the artist.

The inspiration for these pieces derive from a variety of sources. I have used dice and coins to provide indeterminate numbers for pre-determined rules, I-Ching (The Chinese Book of Changes) Consultations/strategy cards and even a drawing by a blind friend on graph paper.

I found my 'non-involvement' in chance operations to create music in this way, not only sympathetic to the nature of generative composition, but also a way of breaking through the techniques of motif, rhythm and arrangement. Simply leaving me the question "is this a good piece of music?"

Of course, the composer is living on a tight rope, there is no rehearsal, only the reality of the output of the process. The generative composer is no longer concerned with certainties, but is looking to design systems which can constantly evolve, unlocking the form."

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, UK.

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