The Seybold Institute

The Seybold Institute comprises the executives and editors of Seybold Publications and some two dozen industry experts — Affiliates and Fellows — representing every discipline in publishing. Fellows are elected to the Institute for terms of one year. The Seybold Institute mandate is to ensure the highest quality and topicality in all Seybold Seminars educational programs.

Seybold Fellows

Mark Anderson
Technology Alliance Partners
Mark Anderson is president of Technology Alliance Partners, publisher of the Strategic News Service, a subscription email newsletter on the convergence of telecom and computing. SNS predictions have proved 100% accurate in the first year of weekly publication.

Roger Black
Interactice Bureau
Roger Black, well-known for publication design, is now getting a reputation for Internet design. He is president of Interactive Bureau, LLC, and Roger Black, Incorporated, and vice president/director of design for The Font Bureau, Inc. He has worked on web sites for Discovery Channel Online, YPN, Parent Soup and the National Park Service. Black's current position is creative director of @Home, the broadband Internet provider connecting cable TV systems across the country. On the print side, Newsweek, Premiere and The Baltimore Sun use his designs. With partners in eight studios in six countries, he is currently consulting on designs for The Straits Times (Singapore), Tages Anzeiger (Zurich) and Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm). He currently serves as Seybold Seminars conference chairman.

Tim Bray
Textuality, a consulting practice based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Tim Bray is a Canadian. He graduated from the University of Guelph in 1981, and after on-the-job training from DEC and GTE, became, in 1986, the manager of the New Oxford English Dictionary Project at the University of Waterloo. In 1989, he and two project colleagues founded Open Text Corporation. At Open Text, Tim performed a variety of executive and engineering tasks, most visibly the creation of the Open Text Index of the World-Wide Web. Open Text went public on the NASDAQ in January 1996. Tim opened an independent consulting practice under the name of Textuality in August 1996. He consults in the areas of Publishing Technology, large-scale Web architectures, and Information Retrieval. He also serves as co-editor of the World Wide Web Consortium's "Extensible Markup Language (XML)" standard, and as Editor of the Gilbane Report.

John Duhring
Industry Pundit
John Duhring entered the book publishing business in 1977 when books about computers were just taking off. Responsible for acquiring manuscripts for Prentice-Hall, he learned about the potential use of personal computers in publishing directly from authors, visionaries and educators. After encouraging publishers to use new desktop methods for creating paper-based products, and to develop new, content-rich electronic products, Duhring helped launch several software publishing ventures.

As a founder of WAIS, Inc., Duhring helped publishers set up online services on the Internet. In the spring of 1995, WAIS was purchased by America Online. Duhring has joined the Consulting Services group as a senior consultant.

Robert Gelman
BG & Associates
Robert Gelman is President of BG & Associates, producers and managers of online ventures for both the WWW and America Online. His company specializes in text and interactive audio content as well as live-event productions. He is a contributing editor to InterActivity Magazine and CyberEdge Journal where his writing often focuses on cyber-liberties and the impact of technology on contemporary culture.

Robert is known for having co-founded and produced the CyberArts International Conferences and festivals, as well as the annual Digital Art Be-In. His clients for interactive content include Thomas Dolby's Headspace, America Online, Mindscape Entertainment, and the O.T. Sports division of ABC Interactive. Concern for "universal access" stemmed out of his involvement as an advisor to Computers & You, the inner-city learning center for the underprivileged.

Gerd Hassler
Managing Director Principal
Hassler & Mair GmbH

Gerd Hassler joined the graphic arts industry in 1972. Having been in sales and marketing management positions, he became acquainted with commercial, inplant and newspaper applications in both the domestic and the international pre press systems business.

Since April 1986, he has been working as an independent consultant providing services mainly for prepress suppliers, including corporate development, marketing and sales strategies, executive search and recruiting services, acquisitions, development of distribution channels and seminars on electronic publishing i.e. Seybold Summary.

In 1995 he partnered with Wolfgang Mair, a highly qualified Internet specialist, to incorporate Internet services for the industry. The partnership is an independent provider under "" and addresses its services predominantly to end users. Hassler also serves as the chair for Seybold events in Germany.

Terri Holbrooke
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Ziff-Davis Publishing

Terri Holbrooke, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ziff-Davis, Inc., is responsible for the company's overall branding efforts worldwide as well as all other Marketing functions including Research, Creative, Events, and Press Relations.

Holbrooke joined Ziff-Davis from Softbank Exposition and Conference Company, the leading producer of information and Internet-related technology events, where she was the Vice President and General Manager of Seybold Seminars.

Prior to joining Softbank Expos, Holbrooke spent eight years at Novell as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Communications and later as Vice President of Strategic Planning. Prior to Novell, Holbrooke spent 10 years as a marketing consultant and art director.

Holbrooke graduated from the University of Utah with a B.F.A. in Art.

Cynthia Hollandsworth
Senior Marketing Manager

Cynthia Hollandsworth is a Senior Marketing Manager, Industry Marketing, for the Agfa Division of Bayer Corporation in Ridgefield Park, NJ, and a Seybold Fellow. She is currently responsible for market research, customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence, with the recent addition of directing the development of electronic commerce for Agfa.

Her former positions with Agfa include U.S. Type Marketing Manager, where she directed the marketing and sales of Agfa's PostScript and OEM type products in the U.S., and Manager of Type Design and Development, where she was responsible for design and manufacture of type and font products in four technologies. She worked for many years to obtain protection for typeface design and font software.

Yuichi Inomata
MdN Corporation

Yuichi Inomata was born in Tokyo in 1948. He graduated from Japan University in 1972 with a degree of applied physics, in liberal arts and science. He went on to found Graphitec World K.K. In 1987 he started the first Macintosh Output Services in Japan and in 1989 published the first Macintosh Magazine for Designers in the world. In 1992 he cooperated with Impress Corporation. Mr. Inomata is currently active in publishing magazines and books for Macintosh design. He is also responsible for planning of well-organized conferences. Currently he serves as President, MdN Corporation, member of Japan Graphic Designers Association, Chairman of the board of directors for Japan Publishing Consortium and a professor at Tama Art University.

Osmund Lind Iversen
Partner, IF Publishing Partners
Editor, Publish Magazine Australia
Osmund Iverson holds positions as Editor, Publish Australia magazine published by IDG Communications; Chair and Program Director, Seybold Seminars Sydney 97; and Partner, IF Publishing Partners. Most recently he served as Editor-in-Chief, Australian Macworld 1986-1996, the first Macworld magazine outside of the United States and the first in the world to move into electronic typesetting from the Macintosh. His writing in major publications spans 250 pages of editorial opinion, 3,000 pages of general commentary and reviews, and 9,000 pages of editing and layout. His contributions have appeared in Australian Net Guide, Seybold Report on Publishing Systems, Network World, Computerworld, The Australian and Computer Living.

He also serves as a member of the Higher Education Accreditation Committee presiding over Australian college courses; a member of Child and Family Welfare Task Force, A.C.T.; Editor, Psychology Association Magazine; Editor, Army magazine; and Editor, Australian Ski Association newsletter.

Geoffrey James
Executive Director
Institute for Business Wisdom

Geoffrey James is an author, lecturer and consultant who discovers the best management techniques inside the most successful high-tech corporations and communicates them to the rest of the business world. James' current book, Business Wisdom of the Electronic Elite, presents the collective wisdom of the entrepreneurs who have built today's computer industry.

Peter Karnig

Peter Karnig is the former publisher of DV magazine and DVLive, an IDG information service and online community for digital media professionals and currently is president of Infomatix, a web publishing consultancy. Karnig has dedicated his professional career to the application of leading-edge communications and computer technology to the publishing and information services industry.

Nick Landon
Technical Consultant
Nick Landon comes from a background in commercial printing in the mid-sixties in Sydney, Australia. He has since been in the prepress industry for the last 26 years Including positions with International Photon and Datek Systems (an input systems vendor subsequently acquired by Linotype-Hell).

In late 1973 he was hired to be V.P., G.M. and Director of Autografica, based in New York, one of the very earliest successful suppliers of integrated newspaper and commercial pre-press systems in South America.

In 1979 he became an independent consultant and founded a non-profit dealer association, based in Europe, to service graphic arts and in-plant distributors, help their businesses grow, research market developments and provide a dealer information exchange service mechanism. He served as the Secretary-General and board member of Compugraphic Corporation association.

He now works in France as an independent industry consultant with one major pre-press industry vendor as a client.

Ken Locker
Executive Producer, Original Online Programming
MGM Interactive

Ken Locker is MGM Interactive's producer of original programming, where his responsibilities include identifying and developing concepts for original online products and working with outside producers, developers and creative talents. Locker's career has spanned high-level positions in publishing, entertainment, and a number of corporate fields.

Thad McIlroy
Arcadia House

Thad McIlroy is an electronic publishing consultant and writer. He is president of Arcadia House, a consulting firm specializing in desktop publishing and its application in the professional graphic arts industries. He was the co-founder (with Miles Southworth) and president of The Color Resource, a publishing company devoted to books on color design, imaging and prepress. McIlroy is the author of several books on digital imaging, and a contributing editor for Printing Impressions and The Future Image Report. He currently serves as Seybold Seminars conference chairman.

Kim Polese
Marimba, Inc.
Kim Polese began her career as an applications engineer at IntelliCorp Inc., and then joined Sun Microsystems in 1989, as the product manager for C++. She joined the Java project at Sun in 1993 as Java product manager, and played a pivotal role in conceiving and driving the Internet strategy for Java. Polese created and implemented the entire marketing program for Java including business strategy, OEM licensing, name, branding, marketing communications and developer evangelism. She recently left Sun along with three other members of the original Java team to form Marimba, Inc., a software company specializing in the development of Java technologies and applications.

Walter Schild
Genex Media, Inc.
Walter Schild is a partner at Genex Interactive in Los Angeles. Genex is an interactive development firm, specializing in kiosks, CD-ROMs and web sites. He focuses on technology and strategic planning.

Genex Interactive's projects include work for Acura, Apple Computer, FHP Healthcare, Honda, Levi Strauss & Dockers, Mercedes-Benz, Oldsmobile, Porsche, Reprise Records. Genex has won several awards and has been featured in Ad Week, Communication Arts and How Magazine.

Before founding Genex, Walter spent nearly 4 years at Alan Lithograph as Chief Technical Officer. Prior to Alan Litho, he worked and consulted for various newspapers, magazines and graphics arts companies. Walter serves as a Seybold Fellow. With all of his free time, Walter enjoys snow boarding, SCUBA diving and sleeping.

Rick Smolan
Against All Odds Productions

A former Time, Life and National Geographic photographer, Rick Smolan has spent a decade finding ways to place himself and his projects directly in the path of the converging worlds of photography, design, publishing, and technology.

In 1981, Smolan created the best-selling Day in the Life photography series. In 1983 Smolan received backing from the Washington Post to create the world's first online network specializing in photography and publishing. In 1989 he was one of the founders of Light Source. In 1990 he began consulting for Eastman Kodak's Professional Photography Division and helped create the Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine.

In 1991 Smolan founded Against All Odds Productions, a book and multimedia publisher based in Sausalito, California. On February 8, 1996, Against All Odds produced 24 Hours in Cyberspace, the largest one-day online event to date. The project brought together the world's top photographers, editors, programmers, and interactive designers to create a digital time capsule of online life.

Andrew Tribute
Chief Executive
Attributes, Ltd.

Andrew Tribute is the European editor for Seybold Publications and is also a principal consultant for Seybold in Europe. For the publications, he is particularly responsible for the coverage of European activities in the electronic and desktop publishing fields including covering all the European vendors and the European exhibitions in the newspaper, printing and electronic publishing areas. He covers much of the activity in these areas in the US as well, especially those with particular relevance to newspaper and color activities. He is main newspaper specialist and lead writer on color technology and applications.

Dave Winer
UserLand Software
Dave Winer, 41, is president of UserLand Software, a web developer based in Palo Alto, CA. UserLand makes Frontier, a powerful scripting and database environment for the Mac OS and Windows. In late 1994, Winer started DaveNet, a popular commentary channel, distributed via electronic mail and through the worldwide web. A software industry veteran, Winer also produced award-winning commercial software hits at Living Videotext, such as ThinkTank, Ready and MORE. Living Videotext merged with Symantec in 1987. In 1997 he was chosen as a Seybold Fellow for his pioneering work in web-based publishing systems.

Seybold Affiliates

David Cole
Editor & Publisher, The Cole Papers
Proprietor, The Cole Group
David Cole is a publishing consultant and editor and publisher of The Cole Papers, a newsletter on technology, journalism and publishing. He's the former assistant managing editor for systems of the San Francisco Examiner where during his 12-year career he was also art director, assistant news editor and makeup editor. Prior to that, Cole was with Rolling Stone magazine and edited feed/back, a journalism review. Cole is a columnist with Presstime and TechNews (magazines of the Newspaper Association of America), a contributing editor for England's Newspaper Focus and has written for MacWeek, Publish, Quill and other magazines.

Charles LeCompte
Editor & Publisher
The Hard Copy Observer
Mr. LeCompte began his career in 1985 with Datek Information Services (which later became part of BIS Strategic Decisions). He served for six years as the editor of Printout newsletter and as an analyst and author of numerous printer industry reports on such subjects as page description languages, printer-specific microprocessors, and paper handling, and on specific products such as the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIISi, the IBM 4019, and the Xerox DocuTech.

In 1991, Mr. LeCompte founded Lyra Research, Inc. He currently serves as President of Lyra and as Managing Editor and Publisher of Lyra's monthly newsletter, The Hard Copy Observer. He is the firm's senior consultant and analyst for the Industry Advisory Service. Mr. LeCompte is widely quoted in the trade and business press.