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GAMESPOT: Serious Ammunition For Gamers
10/18/97    See What's New

GameSpot Lead Story Art

Zork Grand Inquisitor
Twenty years after Zork was created, Activision is preparing a new trilogy in the spirit of the original. Ron Dulin packed his elven sword and brass lantern and took a hands-on tour of the Great Underground Empire. In this preview, we'll tell you about the locations, the characters, the humor, and the history - which could make Zork Grand Inquisitor the real return to Zork. FULL STORY
Battlespire Breathing Down Our Necks
Exclusive screens take you behind the scenes of Battlespire, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series from Bethesda - due next month. FULL STORY Also: Air Warrior III secrets and GameSpot's Game Forecast in TODAY'S NEWS.
Mark East gets homicidal with Running With Scissors' ultraviolent shooter, and beneath the rivers of blood, he finds a somewhat simplistic action game with limited longevity.
GameSpot's Guide to Baseball Sims
Story Shot The 1997 World Series is under way. Unless you're a Marlins or Indians fan, your team is at home until next spring. Would you have made your team a better manager? Check out GameSpot's Guide to Baseball Sims. FULL STORY
AGP Comes to the Party
If you haven't heard of AGP yet, you probably will soon. Intel's new Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) promises big things for graphics performance, two to four times faster than a PCI bus can provide. Computer Gaming World's Technical Editor Dave Salvator explains what this new technology will mean to gamers and how it differs from PCI. FULL STORY

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Timeshock! is Empire Interactive's latest in the Pro Pinball series and may be the most realistic pinball sim ever. DOWNLOAD IT Also: KKND Xtreme, Men in Black, Excalibur 2555AD, and iF-16. TAKE ME THERE
Top Ten Demos
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
Turok: Dinosuar Hunter
Age of Empires
Hexen II
7th Legion
NHL Powerplay '98
SODA Off-Road Racing
Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far

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