What is austin.data.net?

Austin.data.net is a World-Wide Web site published by data.net communications, and focused on Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas. It contains information of interest to those in the Austin area, and those planning to visit Austin.

It is a dynamic site, with new information about Austin added frequently.

Why did data.net create a site devoted to Austin?

We at data.net communications believe that one of the great virtues of the Internet is that it allows the free sharing of information. We feel that it is important to give something back to the community.

We have published the definitive guide to restaurants in the area since 1994, and have published the Austin Information Center since 1995. The information we publish keeps growing, as does interest (and daily access) to the site. In 1996, we decided that the site's traffic warranted its own web server.

Who uses this site?

People interested in Austin. More specifically, we see two key audiences:
  • Those who live in the Austin area, looking for local services
  • Those planning to travel to Austin, to determine what to see and do

Why should my business's web site be here?

With two years of building traffic, this site can jump-start your businesses efforts to have an active audience visit your web site and learn about your products and services.

How do I find out more?

Contact us. Send electronic mail to austin@data.net, or call us at 512-327-3500.

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