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March 31, 1997

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Point of View

Extranets Are the Obvious Next Step
It may be a while before companies figure out how to open their intranets to each other, but mark our words, it'll happen. Extranets are just too powerful a concept not to catch on.

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Intranet Advisor

Intranet Advisor: Java or HTML for Database Access?
Send your questions to the Intranet Advisor at Web Week. This week's column takes A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Java vs. HTML for Web database application clients.


Nouveau Novell Faces Developer Skepticism
Once-loyal customers now look to NT, Unix for their intranets.

Standard Offered for Smart Cards
IBM, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle's Network Computer Inc. subsidiary agree on how to make devices work with network computers.

Netcom Backs Away From $19.95 Pricing
In place of cheap access, the company offers guaranteed service in a move that will be closely watched by other ISPs.

Microsoft Digs Deeper Into IE Security Issues
Microsoft released an interim upgrade to Internet Explorer that combines all of the fixes to recent--and a few new--security flaws and announced new measures aimed at catching future flaws earlier.

Microsoft Offers Product for Financial Services
Microsoft last week demonstrate a platform for financial services based on the Open Financial Exchange format introduced with Intuit earlier this year.
Vendors Team Up To Improve Tracking of Multimedia Ads
Two leading players in the Web advertising market have integrated their products in an effort to improve tracking performance.

Study Says Ads Hit $266M in 1996
Ad revenues rose steadily last year, according to a study of the 200 largest Web advertising sellers conducted by Coopers & Lybrand on behalf of the Internet Advertising Bureau.

Association Considers a Campaign To Get Local Advertisers Onto Web
A new group dedicated to promoting Web advertising among local businesses met for the first time in St. Louis recently and discussed education efforts and whether or not to establish standards.

No Award-Winning Performance for Overwhelmed Oscar Sites
Access to Oscar.com stalled as traffic peaked.

Heavy Use Taxes Web Site's Servers
Pages froze in the middle of downloading pages from the official Oscar site.

News Briefs

Marketing and Commerce

Online Market Research Begins To Catch On
Companies outsource task or use new software to find out what consumers think.

Lumber Company's Growth Plan: Combined Public Site and Extranet
Building industry supplier uses the Web to work more closely with its customers.
The Battle for Campus Cash
Sites aimed at college students are adjusting their strategies as competition increases.

Marketing & Commerce Briefs


US West's Extranet Shares Data With Potential Competitors
US West Communications launched an extranet earlier this month that gives alternative providers of telephone services in its 14-state territory secure, personalized access into the Baby Bell's core business systems.

Getting the Word Out
Motorola's semiconductor product sector updates its IS standards for 52,000 employees through its intranet.
Burger King Franchisee Plans Net To Link Restaurants
Some Burger King franchisees are connecting restaurants to internal Webs.

Product Sets Up Virtual Offices on Internet
Farallon Communications ships Netopia Virtual Office, one of the first shrink-wrapped applications for Internet collaboration.

Self-Service Tools Automate Call Centers
Web Advisor and Knowledge Builder from ServiceSoft are finding their way into Web-based self-service applications for customer support.
Largest Backers of Smalltalk Concede Java's Momentum
Rather than being steamrollered by Java, a vendor of Smalltalk tools aims for a Java-friendly but language-independent strategy.

Labs Open R&D; to Web
Software giants put their labs on the Web in hopes of sparking users' interest and seeing genius rise to the surface.

Software Briefs


Oracle Readies NC for Prime Time
CEO Larry Ellison is finally ready to roll out the first generation of Oracle NCs in a bid to crack the so-called "Wintel" monopoly of Microsoft and Intel.

Questions Arise on Need for RSVP
Recent tests of bandwidth reservation systems like RSVP are raising questions of how quickly such services can become generally available across the Net. Some vendors are developing custom-built alternatives.
Content Packager Will Share Revenues With ISPs
Planet Direct hopes to lock in local advertising opportunities by giving its ISP partners free access to high quality content and by giving them a stake in ad sales revenue. It makes its service available free to its 43 Internet service provider partners, including Erols, IDT, and Ziplink, which then make it available free to some 560,000 dial-up users.

Initiative by Upstart Group Reveals Discontent Over Domain Name Plan
A new organization challenges the domain naming plan proposed by the International Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC).

Infrastructure Briefs

Under Construction

Dr. Website
Making browsers read dynamically generated, not cached, pages; Filling in forms with ease.

New Animation Technologies Add Life to Net
As animation tools have grown more sophisticated, the animation market on the Web has exploded.

Betting Big on Push
A company laying all its bets on Castanet technology instead of Web design or CD-ROMs? That's EntertainNet!

Under Construction Briefs


Net Money: On Wall Street's IPO Short List: PointCast and Marimba
Internet push providers are mulling public offerings at Wall Street's cautious behest.

Intel's Gill on Everything From Strategy to NetPCs
Q and A with Frank Gill, Intel executive vice president and head of the company's Products Groups.

Body of Research Builds on Net's Economic Impact
One report cites 1.1 million new jobs in 1996; academics also study pricing schemes.
AOL Launches Service in Japan; No Flat-Rate Pricing Foreseen
America Online, already the world's largest consumer online service, with more than 8 million members, plans to launch a new Japanese-language service on April 15.

On the move: Keeping up with career changes in the industry.

Search and Deploy
Netscape bundles PLS search engine in its Netscape Publishing System.

Rising Tide
How a still emerging industry is becoming an increasingly powerful force.

Industry Briefs


Editor's Note: Extranets Are the Obvious Next Step
It may be a while before companies figure out how to open their intranets to each other, but mark our words, it'll happen. Extranets are just too powerful a concept not to catch on.

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