Ornamatica is another great new program developed in the U.K. by Digital Workshop! Ornamatica allows you to create beautiful and ornate borders for Windows desktop publishing programs easily and inexpensively! Use your favorite WMF or CDR files to create exportable border images of all kinds!

System Requirements:

Minimum: 386 CPU, Windows 3.1x or higher, 4 MB RAM, 256 Color resolution.

Recommended: 486 CPU, Windows 95, 8 MB RAM, 24 Bit Color resolution (True Color).


Only $29 directly from Jasc ($39 CDN)! See order page for details.

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The masterpiece border maker

Tired of creating fixed borders with boring graphics? Ornamatica is your solution! Ornamatica is a fast, fun way to automatically create ornamental borders for advertisements, menus, posters, certificates, invitations and other projects.

Easy to use

Creating a border could not be any easier than with Ornamatica. Simply drag a graphic onto a border and Ornamatica will automatically place it. Ornamatica will fill the sides, corners or whole border as needed. Tiles within the border can be flipped, mirrored, resized or rotated. You can add frames, such as bold and shadow, to your tiles. You can also change the dimension, tile size and spacing of the border.

Import images

Import graphics to utilize existing clipart collection for more border graphics possibilities. Supported formats include WMF and CDR.

Export borders

This option allows you to save the border as a standard Windows Metafile (WMF) graphic. It can then be imported into any other application which allows you to use WMF graphics.

Built-in gallery

Preview graphics with Ornamatica's built-in gallery. Each gallery contains resources that can be used in your border. You can even create your own gallery with your own graphics. Graphics must be in WMF or CDR format.

Resources included

Over 5,000 design elements are included for border creation. Resources include simple milled lines, ornate certificates, victoriana, traditional designs, as well as complex thematic illustrations. Also includes tiles for special theme borders, such as Christmas, weddings, and certificates.

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