The Road to Atlanta
Event Finals: Day 2

Results from Atlanta:

Men's Vault

                                  1st   2nd   Avg
1 Alexei Nemov             RUS  9.762 9.812 9.787
2 Yeo Hong-Chul            KOR  9.837 9.675 9.756
3 Vitaly Scherbo           BLR  9.712 9.737 9.724
4 Ivan Ivanov              BUL  9.687 9.600 9.643
5 Li Xiaoshuang            CHN  9.500 9.787 9.643
6 Alexei Voropaev          RUS  9.637 9.600 9.618
7 Igor Korobchinski        UKR  9.637 9.500 9.568
8 Ivan Pavlovski           BLR  9.612 9.375 9.493

Men's Parallel Bars

1 Rustam Sharipov          UKR  9.837
2 Jair Lynch               USA  9.825
3 Vitaly Scherbo           BLR  9.800
4 Zhang Jinjing            CHN  9.750
5 Alexei Nemov             RUS  9.750
6 Huang Liping             CHN  9.737
7 Lee Joo-Hyung            KOR  9.687
8 Sergei Charkov           RUS  9.650

Men's High Bar

1 Andreas Wecker           GER  9.850
2 Krasimir Dounev          BUL  9.825
3 Vitaly Scherbo           BLR  9.800
3 Fan Bin                  CHN  9.800
3 Alexei Nemov             RUS  9.800
6 Alexei Voropaev          RUS  9.712
7 Jesus Carballo           ESP  9.350
8 Lee Joo-Hyung            KOR  8.525

Women's Balance Beam

1 Shannon Miller           USA  9.862
2 Lilia Podkopayeva        UKR  9.825
3 Gina Gogean              ROM  9.787
4 Dina Kochetkova          RUS  9.737
5 Olga Teslenko            UKR  9.625
6 Dominique Moceanu        USA  9.125
7 Rozalia Galieva          RUS  9.112
8 Alexandra Marinescu      ROM  8.462

Women's Floor Exercise

1 Lilia Podkopayeva        UKR  9.887
2 Simona Amanar            ROM  9.850
3 Dominique Dawes          USA  9.837
4 Dominique Moceanu        USA  9.825
5 Dina Kochetkova          RUS  9.800
6 Mo Huilan                CHN  9.700
7 Gina Gogean              ROM  9.662
8 Ji Liya                  CHN  9.637


Americans were represented and medaled in three different finals: women's beam and floor, and men's parallel bars.

Shannon Miller, our most decorated gymnast in history, capped off her Olympic performance with a gold medal in the balance beam. Her stellar routine, which was executed with absolute confidence, concluded with a full-twisting double back salto. The other beam medalists were Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR) with the silver, and Gina Gogean (ROM) with the bronze. Dominique Moceanu, in her first Olympic event final, missed one foot in her tumbling series on the beam, hit her head, and finished sitting cross-wise on the beam. She recovered well from this error, nailing the rest of her routine.

The two Dominiques of the USA team, Dawes and Moceanu, both qualified to floor finals, with Dawes replacing the top qualifier, Kerri Strug who was injured with her now-famous vault in the team final. Both performed well with Dawes taking the bronze medal and Moceanu in 4th place. The gold medal winner was Podkopayeva with a 9.887, the highest score of the night. She was followed by Simona Amanar for the silver.

Missing the bronze medal on parallel bars in Barcelona by less than .1, Jair Lynch seized his second opportunity, this time nailing his double front salto with a half twist out for a 9.825 and the silver medal. The gold medal winner was Rustam Sharipov (UKR), who executed a very difficult routine with a stuck double pike dismount for 9.837. In third was Vitaly Scherbo, also with a stuck double pike dismount.

The men's vault was won by Russian Alexei Nemov, with Yeo (KOR) and Scherbo taking the silver and bronze. The judges were indecisive on high bar, awarding medals to five gymnasts. The gold was won by Germany's Andreas Wecker, whose Kovacs saltos above the high bar were nearly in the laid out position. The silver went to Krasimir Dounev (BUL), who executed six connected release moves in his set. The bronze was shared by Fan Bin (CHN), Nemov, and Scherbo.

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