(ZERO TOLERANCE) Get Tough On Censorship!

violent death, perversions, misery - I hope there will be an end
for these unfortunate things someday, but the reality must not be censored

Many files may contain heavy BS... so validate and as always BE CRITICAL!


DAC MP3 "Mini how-to", ripping tracks from audio CD to MP3

Warez Kidz' guide to pirating on the Internet

Why Software Should Not Have Owners by Richard Stallman

nationalism, revisionism & racism

Did six million really die? by Ernst Zundel

Pakolaisuus Suomessa

White & Blacks 100 facts

nationalism, revisionism & racism links

violence & sexual violence

22 ways to kill a man with your bare hands

Child molestation

the Coward's guide to self-defense

Creatures of the night, killing people


Torture with things laying around

bombs, destruction & vandalism

50 fun thing for non-christians to do in church

Acid human terrorism

the Anarchist's home companion, theft + bombs + havoc

the Anarchy manual

Bic balistics

the Book of destruction part I

the Book of destruction part II

Camouflage and concealment

Checklist for raids on labs

Chemicals and their sources

Crashing the school

Criminal me

Declare war!

Documentation and Diagrams of the Atomic Bomb

Gerbil feed bomb

Fun! with random senseless vandalism

Funky Email for fun!

How to Make a Simple Bomb part 1

How to Make a Simple Bomb part 2

How to Make Bombs Book 1/2

How to Make Bombs Book 2/2

How to terrorize McDonalds

Making homemade teargas

the New Compleat Terrorist

Psychological operations in guerrilla warfare - CIA manual

Pyrotechnics Cookbook

the School Stopper's Textbook

a Social Violence Manifesto

the Terrorist's Handbook

the UNABOM Guide to Blowing up Universities

the Vandals Handbook

Vinegar and baking soda bomb

HPVCAW links

don't build bombs @ home - school's better to blow up

dealing with the legal system

Don't talk to cops

How to break the law

How to hack and get caught

Miten toimia pidätettäessä, kuulusteluissa ja kotietsinnässä?


Concise guide to forgetting how much you suck

Getting others to commit suicide

Suicide (methods)

Suicide methods

Suicide methods (more)


Counterfeiting money

Running a successful + profitable gambling ring


freedom, cryptography, regulation & censorship

Against Age Discrimination

an Anarchist defense of pornography

Eläinpornokielto - työtapaturma?

From crossbows to cryptography: Thwarting the state via technology

Net porn: The communism of the 1990s

Opetusministeriö: Elokuvasensuurin säännöt 1935

PGP Startup Guide

Simple Cryptology

"Tv-väkivalta, hyvä syntipukki"

Whose morality?

(not-so-popular) sexual activity

the Complete Guide to Beastiality and Necro-Beastiality

Guide to sex with dogs and FAQ's

How to fuck the dead

Necrophilia HOWTO


Butchering the human carcass for human consumption

Choosing the best girl


an Anarchist FAQ

Reinventing anarchy: What are the anarchists thinking these days?

Anarchism links?


Domain Name Extensions by Chip

Uhkapelurin strategiaopas RAY:n peleihin v1.1

Definition of a twit


10 things every parent, teenager & teacher should know about marijuana

12 reasons to legalize drugs

A Trip to Magic Mountain - An Anti-Anti-Drug Rant

Deregulating Drug Use (an anarchist perspective)

the Drug War Is Lost, Nobel prize winner Milton Friedman interview

Hemp and Marijuana FAQ

Hidas puutarhuri - Unikonviljelijän opas

How to make alcohol

How to make cocaine

How to make DMT

How to make MDMA / MDA

Marijuana smoking guide

Markus-enon alkoholikoulu v1.0

PONU - puistokemian perusteet

Pirtua ja politikointia, huumelaki = kieltolain jäänne

the Psilocybin producers guide, mushrooms are NiCE

Psykoaktiiviset kasvit ja aineet

Soft-drugs (using, history, effects, dealing)

Soma, johdatus psykoaktiivisten kasvien historiaan ja ominaisuuksiin

drug information links

If you have bomb instructions - they call you a terrorist.
If you have viruses - they call you a security hazard.
If you have nazi material - they call you a racist.
If you have sick porn - they call you a pervert.
If you have warez - they call you a thief.

But when you have all five, they can't call you names anymore. Then they see'n'believe that you are truly for information liberation... (sowhat?! you still do 10 years in Attica)