May 1996 Issue

Second Time's a Charm

  • Size: 1 CD-ROM
  • Style: 1 or 2-Player Head-To-Head Tournament Fighting
  • Special Features: 14 Warriors, 4 Turbo Speeds, Eight Difficulty Levels, Short Cut Player Select Screen Option, Automatic Stats and Hi-Score Save, Arcade and Vs Mode, Four New Playable Characters Inlcuding Huitzil, Pyron, Donovan, Hsien-Ko
  • Created by: Capcom
  • Available: Now for Sega Saturn

    Last month, Game Informer gave you a quick look at Night Warriors and what Capcom had planned to do with this infamous arcade fighter. Unfortunately, we were slightly misinformed about what Night Warriors had to offer, so we're now going to go through the in and outs to see exactly what this game is all about.

    First and foremost, this game is exclusive to Sega Saturn and it is definitely amazing to look at. All the animation from its arcade counterpart is here as well every character and every move. Fans of the series will also be happy to hear that there are eight character colors to choose from as well as new character art added to each ending.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Night Warriors there are a number of aspects that make it a truly unique fighter. The most obvious of these is the animation. Every character can power-up any move by using power from their special meter and be greeted by a new animation and a new style of attack. Each character can also get a number of reactions to different attacks, including electrified facial expressions, fireball-charred animations, and ruthless death sequences. Night Warriors also features a unique play mechanic for a 2D fighter - a pounce attack or pursuit - so that you can strike opponents on the ground.

    Now we move on to the dark side of Night Warriors. Last month we reported that there was a new Survival Mode, a new Group Battle mode, as well as the ability to save your ending sequences so you could relive your victories. Sorry to say, but Capcom of Japan changed the game plan and removed these little gems from the final version.

    It's a shame to see these options go, but the this game still has a lot to offer to the fighting fanatic. Fourteen characters to master, amazing animation, and a frightfully good time are just a few of the things you'll find when you enter the realm of the Night Warriors.

    It is possible to play a full 162 game season, a half season, or a short 26 game season. More than one team can be human controlled, so you can bring your roommate, sibling, or spouse along for the ride. Want to make the playoffs? You can do it if you try.

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