November 1995 Issue

Petrified No Longer

  • Size: 24 Megabit
  • Style: 1-Player Action/Platform
  • Special Features: Unbelievable Gargoyle Moves, Double Jump Ability, Roll and Dive Feature, Legendary Bosses
  • Levels: 6
  • Created by: Buena Vista Interactive for Disney Interactive
  • Available: Now for Sega Genesis

    Sought after as a shield against bad omens and evil, gargoyle statues found themselves in the limelight of medieval beliefs and myths. Usually found perched on cathedrals and castles, the gargoyles warned unwelcome intruders of the consequences that would follow if they should happen to enter. Like just about everything that comes of age, the legend of the gargoyles was left as nothing more than a fable.

    Leave it up to one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world to revive the medieval fable of the gargoyles. Come mid-November Disney Interactive will release their game which is based upon the highly acclaimed cartoon series of the same name.

    As the player you take on the role the fearsome leader of the gargoyles, Goliath. Since Goliath's body is made of living stone, body mass will be one of the biggest factors in your attacks. With this raw body power Goliath can smash through walls, break through floors, and crash through weak rooftops. This body weight may be great for attacks and intimidation, but it's not very helpful for flight. The wings upon Goliath's back cannot be used for flight, but they will give you an extra punch of jump when spread. Some out of reach places that seem only reachable by flight can be easily reached by the scaling abilities of Goliath. Goliath can scale any flat or solid object including ceilings.

    Disney Interactive made Gargoyles into everything that would be expected from Disney's animation division. All the character movements look like a cartoon in themselves. If you found joy in Aladdin and The Lion King you'll probably receive the same thrill from Gargoyles but on a darker level.

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