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General Information

Now it's possible for companies and individuals to give their websites an (free!!!!!) additional address that looks great and is easy to remember.

At times it can be really hard to remember a website address. This is because of the way URL's are currently structured. The most important thing on the web is that people know how to find you, especially when you are promoting your site in advertisements. With the travel.to, surf.to and come.to services, you can make sure your website address will be remembered.

How does it work

It's very easy ! Usually when you have a website it's URL will look like http://www.my-company.com. For small companies this may be too expensive so they choose an URL like: http://www.provider.com/~company. Needless to say, these addresses are very difficult to remember. We can offer a (free!!!!!) additional address that will be easy to remember while you keep your current service-provider and address

An example

If you run a website under the name of: http://www.netland.nl/~myco we could give you one or more of the following addresses (free!!!!!) :


Of course you can think of anything to put behind "/", even multiple words. V3 Redirection Services ensures that when someone types travel.to/myco, in his browser he will automatically be redirected to your homepage. Of course you can also keep using your old address.

The Advantages ?

More exposure, greater attention, easier to remember

Especially when you promote your URL in advertisements, brochures and on TV is it important that your name looks good and that your target group remembers it. What is more easy to remember than:


Descriptive function

You can choose a name that describes your company, products or the contents of your homepage.


Great price

Prices for addresses start at $0,- (free!!!!!)

Names are still available

Unfortunately, for many companies and individuals it's not possible anymore to register their own company name with the InterNic, simply because it's already taken. With surf.to, come.to or travel.to you can still choose any name that fits your company or current activities.

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