Broken Sword - the Smoking Mirror





Revolution Software is proud to present "Broken Sword - the Smoking Mirror" the second game in the Broken Sword series.

"Broken Sword - the Smoking Mirror" sees intrepid adventurer's George Stobbart and Nico Collard embroiled in a whole new mystery. On their quest, they will do battle with a deadly crime syndicate and an ancient Mayan cult, intent on destroying mankind. As with "Broken Sword - the Shadow of the Templars" George and Nico's adventure takes them around the world on a journey where death and danger lurk around every corner...


Gameplay advances

Technical advances

Broken Sword 2 links:

coming soon webzine

Download the Smoking Mirror PC rolling demo! zips/MIRROR.EXE (this file is 9MB long)

In conjuction with magazine Revolution present the Broken Sword 2 WWW playable demo!

Professor Oubier

PC release schedule:

PSX versions will become available November 1997

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