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The mesoelectronic hunter/gatherer drags a heavy pack across the matrix, dodging meteor showers that rain down upon the Netscape like the spray of glitter encountered during a file transfer. Working for individuals and colleges, the hunter negotiates with the data.

On the hunt I rely on a large herd of spiders and webcrawlers and search engines. This collection of indexes offers the best approach to the world wide web around. In addition to indexes, the hunt page includes a smattering of guides and analyses of the top search engines.

But sometimes the hunt calls for a more leisured approach, more open to chance and discovery, and for that I gather general subject lists. I like to wander amongst the gopher tunnels and web mazes that bear the intricate weavings of lace. These indexes and general reference sites are harvested from my lynx bookmark file (the graphics browsers are pretty, yes, but when working I prefer the speed and smoothness of my feline friend). Then again, the Netscape Bookmark files, at home, and even abroad, are useful too. Here you'll find the subject lists inviting you to graze in the fields of art, philosophy, business, geology, politics, chemistry, and etc. I am always searching for the key to the treasure.

The hunter carries a bag of tricks containing a handy collection of tools. These are things like net-based graphics editors and HTML validation checkers to keep things looking good. Here too are (ah, will be) sites for downloading interesting software.

Information wants to be free - but baby needs new shoes. I will cruise net for food or money. I teach people to cruise net, individually and en masse at places like my office (87K), UNCA's Dept of Computer Science and Warren Wilson College. Upcoming UNCA Classes and Enrollments are now available online (login as 'classes').


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My brother David Edmiston runs a web page now. He writes good poems.

The Zine scene flourishes in print and online.
My current best read is the The Onion (since 1871)

Some foolishness or perhaps an expression in graffito would suit you?

2 Viragos with a fire permit (172K)

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Up in the attic is where chaos reigns. Enter at your own risk.

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"Any content-based regulation of the Internet, no matter how benign the purpose, could burn the global village to roast the pig." -- Judge Stewart Dalzell

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