Developing an open, competitive, stable and equitable
administration of the global Internet Domain Name System
*General Information 
Need an explanation of the Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding (gTLD-MoU)? Need help with a question? Confused by acronyms? Try these links: 
*Request for Comments Proceedings 

The gTLD-MoU Policy Oversight Committee is soliciting public comments on the following Domain Name System issues: 
*gTLD-MoU Outreach Program 

It's a complex subject, isn't it? We know it and we want to help you and your organization understand how the gTLD-MoU framework provides an open, competitive, stable and equitable administration of the global Internet Domain Name System. Learn about the gTLD-MoU Outreach Program

*Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

Have a question? See our answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Have a question that you think needs to be addressed in this FAQ? Tell us by sending it to

*Statement Concerning the US Department of Commerce's Request for Comments on the Internet Domain Name System 

The gTLD-MoU Policy Oversight Committee welcomes the US Department of Commerce's Request for Comments on the Internet Domain Name System. The Policy Oversight Committee has and will continue to work with United States Federal agencies on reaching consensus on DNS administration issues and will closely examine the public comments and react to them. 

You can read here the gTLD-MoU Policy Oversight Committee's reply to the US Department of Commerce's Request for Comments

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*Contact Information 

Have a question? First try our frequently asked questions (FAQ). Otherwise, here's how to contact us

*Key gTLD-MoU Documents 

You can find here a list of key gTLD-MoU legal and policy documents

*Announcements from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) 

gTLD-MoU policies are developed in cooperation with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), who manages the root of the Internet Domain Name System (DNS) to promote stability and robustness. See: 
*IAHC Web Site 

The gTLD-MoU was developed as part of a DNS administration plan from the now-dissolved International Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC). The IAHC web site (no longer updated) contains considerable background materials related to the work of the IAHC and other resources on the Internet DNS. 

*Dispute Resolution Activities under the gTLD-MoU 

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has a role concerning domain name dispute resolution activities under the gTLD-MoU. See: 
*CORE (Council of Registrars) 

You can find information here related to CORE (Council of Registrars) activities: 
 *gTLD Registrar Selection Process 

The application process to qualify to become a gTLD registrar under the aegis of the gTLD-MoU was open from July 18 - October 16, 1997. See below for details. 
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*News and Press Releases  

Besides the most recent announcements below, also see historical list of news, press releases and mail archives of
*Calendar and Events  

Listed below are key events/timelines related to gTLD-MoU activities: 
*gTLD-MoU Policy Oversight Committee  

Information about the Policy Oversight Committee: 
*gTLD-MoU Policy Advisory Body 

Information about the Policy Advisory Body: 
*Signatories to the gTLD-MoU 

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) acts as the depository of the gTLD-MoU and maintains its list of signatories

*Becoming a Signatory to the gTLD-MoU 

You can find here Information on becoming a Signatory to the gTLD-MoU


Last updated December 8, 1997 
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