About PREPnet

PREPnet is the principal provider of high-speed, dedicated Internet access in Pennsylvania. Its mission is to facilitate education, research, commerce, technology transfer and economic development in Pennsylvania.

What is PREPnet?

PREPnet, the Pennsylvania Research and Economic Partnership Network, is the largest and most experienced Internet provider in Pennsylvania. PREPnet links colleges and universities, businesses, medical centers, state and local government agencies, and public and private schools, and provides transparent access to the national and global Internet.

Access to PREPnet is available throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and in adjacent locations in New Jersey. Dedicated connections at speeds from 56Kbps up to 10Mbps and higher are provided through hubs located in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Scranton, Harrisburg, Meadville, and State College. Gateways to the global Internet are located in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. PREPnet does not provide dial-up service.

PREPnet provides service to nearly 300 organizations of all sizes -- both non-profit and commercial. "Residential-style" dial-up access to individuals is not available from PREPnet.

PREPnet was founded in 1988 by the PREPnet Consortium of Universities: Carnegie Mellon University, Drexel University, Lehigh University, Penn State University, Temple University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pittsburgh. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was instrumental in the founding of PREPnet and continues to be actively involved. Bell of Pennsylvania has also provided valuable support.

PREPnet was established and continues with a mission to facilitate education, research, technology transfer and economic development within Pennsylvania.

PREPnet Offices

319 South Craig Street, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3731
Voice 412.688.1750
Fax 412.688.1755
3700 Market Street, Suite 307
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3102
Voice 215.387.6300
Fax 215.387.6302
URL http://www.prep.net

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