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12-14 Dec 1997
   Web 101   FRI
Everybody and his ugly dog has one, but how do they work? Get schooled on the URL in Web 101

   Enter to win tickets to the Rolling Stones from the 1998 Toyota Corolla
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Synapse  FRI
Why the fuss over Java? Take a look at the world through a programmer's eyes, says Paul Boutin

Net Surf   FRI
In lieu of Ms. Turlington in a Santa suit, Anuff's adieu honors the season with a digital wish list

Webmonkey  THU
How fast can Apache go? Webmonkey looks at ways to squeeze more speed out of a Web server

Synapse  THU
Chalk up another reason to resent Esther Dyson, says Katz: Her brilliant new book, Release 2.0

Dream Jobs  THU
Zurich's Open Systems needs a project manager to blend Net tech and Swiss corporate culture

Webmonkey   THU
Eric Eaton explains why designing type for the Web is like directing a drunken frat boy at 4 a.m.


Wired Tools has 50 gifts to feed your technolust, from wearable computers to affordable private jets

RGB Gallery
Classic comic meets VR in a futuristic urban narrative: [dendrite] by Construct, in RGB Gallery

Webmonkey   MON
Weaving the browser into the OS makes sense, says Veen - if users get to choose the browser

Webmonkey   TUE
HTML 4.0's Unicode standard would let your Web browser display every language on earth

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