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Arcade Games

4th Generation by Webfoot Technologies
A shareware action vertically scrolling game. Enhance your guns, armor... a real load of new equipment. 1 or 2 player game. Incredible smooth graphics & music, FAST scrolling action! Deluxe version contains intro. Requires 486-DX66 or higher and 4MB RAM. Size: Deluxe 7.56Mb, small 2.7mb
Small or Deluxe Edition

Assault V1.0
Assault is a isometric action game. There's only you and your M-16 against a large number of enemies in 50 missions (5 in SW version) located in ten different places in the globe. Requires: MS-DOS/486/VGA/500kb conventional memory. 306k
Site 1

Avenger V1.0a by Deadline
Avenger is a 1-2 player space shoot'em-up, destroy everything that moves and collect upgrades to your weapons. Fight your way throught 20 levels filled with many different enemys and weapons. Thrilling story-line with rendered animations. VGA 256 color rendered graphics and 22khz sounds for SB/SB16. Requires 386(486 recommended) and about 630k of XMS with sounds. 945k
NOTE: Only site one has the newest 1.0a version. Order Avenger!
Download: Site 1, site 2, site 3 site 4 or site 5.

Chemical Warfare
Chemical Warfare is a 3-D Adventure Game for the PC (DOS). Blast your way through the front gate of a secret underground military installation.You must find a computer disk that contains vital information about the toxic chemicals that are being produced inside this facility. Many different weapons and items help you along the way. 486 or better, 4 Megabytes of RAM (8 Megs recommended) and soundcard support. 1008k

Katharsis v1.00 by Metropolis
A next-generation arcade shoot'em-up with spectacular hi-resolution SVGA graphics, 3D texture-mapped Phong-shaded ships, rendered and animated backgrounds, eye-popping fluid scrolling and freedom of movement, multiple real-time light sources, original game plot and intelligent enemies, including giantic megabosses. Requires Pentium and SVGA. 7.3Mb
Site 1

Minebombers 3.11 by Skitso Productions
A great 2 player Dynablaster styled game. Much weapons and other stuff to kill your friend. Good graphics, S3M musics and cool sounds make this game very enjoyable. Highly recommended. Requires 486. 900k

A war-based combat game played online against up to 30 live opponents. Chaotic anarchy rules as players compete in total Death Match, Team Battle and perpetual Mayhem modes. The goal is not only to thrash your opponents, but to increase rank, prestige, and bragging rights. netWAR is for soldiers with a desire to inflict heartache upon the brave souls bold enough to stand in their way. 8,6mb.
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Site 1

Scorched Earth 1.5
Very famous VGA artillery game. You can play it with your friends or alone against
computer players. Wide selection of weapons and other things to get your tank better.
About 600k.

Spruit 1.0
Arcade game for 2-4 players. Buy weapons, fly in caves and kill your opponents.
VGA graphics. SB and GUS support. 386+ required. With Pentium you don't have
to decrease details. About 500k.

Threat 1.41 by Fragment
1-3 player shoot'em-up. Play against your friends in battle fields or play with them to lead
your little 1-3 men army to victory. Much different weapons. 320*400 VGA graphics
and SB support. About 800k.
Download: Europe, USA

Triplane Turmoil V1.01
A high quality super-fast flying game, Includes solo and multiplayer options up to 4 players, Digital sound-track&sounds;, Six solo-missions and 1 multiplayer level. VERY addictive game play! Download and fly! 486+, 4 megs of RAM and 8 megs of Harddisk space required. Also supports Soundblaster or compatible. About 1250k.

Vanguard ACE by Imaginative Illusions
Vanguard Ace is a vertical shooter in Baryon style. Features: 70 Frames Per Second smooth screen update. Multiple layer parallax scrolling. Rendered graphics. Mecha style sprites design and bosses. At least 30 fps per sprite. Multiple weapon levels for each ships. You can select from 5 different ships. (Full version). Over 1000 frames of animated sprites.
Reguires: 486, VGA and 8mb RAM. 2.5MB
Site 1 or site 2

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