PLA Sound Clips
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This page is being redone again. I've removed all the WAV file sound clips to conserve space and bandwidth so if you don't have real audio, you're out of luck. You can try finding the WAV files on one of the support ftp sites listed at


DINO01.RA "Did he say anything about Roy?" (8k)

DINO02.RA "You little fuckin' jack-off!" (67k)

DINO03.RA "You fuck with my wife, boy, you're fuckin' with your life! (97k)

DINO04.RA "Later on, dickhead!" (9k)

DINO05.RA "I'm havin' a problem with two little kids on a cellayer phone." (65k)

DINO06.RA "Who's Roy?" (7k)

DINO07.RA "I guess they're just bored 'cause it's rainin' outside." (84k)

DINO08.RA "Well, I think they're on a cellayer phone." (15k)

DINO09.RA "They told me they tapped into my line with a computer." (119k)

DINO10.RA "You come down here and show your face, then I'm gonna shoot you with a 12 guage." (50k)

DINO11.RA "Come down here, I'll give ya a hundred dollars to see your face." (50k)

DINO12.RA "I know you're fuckin' lyin'." (50k)

DINO13.RA "Are you on a cordless phone? Do you have caller ID?" (50k)


MILDRED.RA "I am Mildred Monday!"

CARBON.RA "I didn't order no calling card!"

KAY.RA "I need to talk to Kay! Please go get Kay."

DONUT.RA Want to know exactly how donuts get the holes made in them? Ewwwww.

BOMB.RA A deaf relay operator calls and leaves message asking what the bomb detenation code is to crash the commuter airline.

GIRLBIKE.RA "Some crazy lady tells me all about her bike she has for sale."

CANS.RA This lady isn't amused when we inform her that we just ripped off her store.

GOTOHELL.RA An old man yells at us loud enough to make Alex Carbon sound like a wimp.

RIDEHOME.RA We try to explain something to an old deaf man. This one is good.

NOIMNOT.RA We tell an elderly woman that she'd better pay for the pizza she just ordered or else...


GATES.RA "My son is NOT Bill Gates!"

PIZZAHUT.RA A lady *69's me and I try to convince her I'm Pizza Hut. I fail.

ROOFMAN.RA Mildred is fed up with my calls and threatens to shoot me in the hiney with a shotgun.

GRUNDIN.RA A guy makes the mistake of accidentally dialing my number when trying to call up a friend.


GOAWAY.RA Go Away, PLA. PLA's first dance mix put together by NewKleer Wynter.

BIGLARRY.RA Big Larry Mix - Larry's burnin' steak! Created by Calimar (512)


BIGLAR1.RA Big Larry tells his woman about that evil Alex guy who's listening in on his phone calls. (Note: To read the story of Big Larry, go read rbcp's bio.)

BIGLAR2.RA Larry goes on another drunken rampage, threatening me.

BIGLAR3.RA Big Larry organizes a posse to come over and kill me. Or maybe it really was just a bar-b-que.

REDBOX.RA An AT&T; operator really scares me when he tries to turn me into security for red boxing.

VIRGIN.RA My ex-girlfriend gets Chris Tomkinson to admit he's still a virgin in college.

IBAIBA.RA Ever wonder what ibaibaiba sounds like?

FULLSHIT.RA Chris Tomkinson leaves a message on Colleen's voicemail, asking her to leave him alone.

CHRISTOM.RA While on a teleconference, we call up Chris Tomkinson's roommate, then call Chris at work and Martini fools him into thinking she's a good friend of his.