The Harvest Information Discovery and Access System

Harvest is an integrated set of tools to gather, extract, organize, search, cache, and replicate relevant information across the Internet. With modest effort users can tailor Harvest to digest information in many different formats from many different machines, and offer custom search services on the web.

Funding for Harvest ended August 1996, and the project is now officially over, but the software will live on in two ways:

  1. As free software maintained by volunteers.

  2. As commercial derivatives:

You can learn about and experiment with Harvest through the hypertext links below:

If you have questions about configuring and using Harvest, please see the Usenet newsgroup comp.infosystems.harvest. and our searchable archive of messages

Harvest Version 1.5 is now available. The Harvest Cache is available as a separate distribution.

Mic Bowman, Peter Danzig, Darren Hardy, Udi Manber, Mike Schwartz, and Duane Wessels,
September 2, 1996