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Mission Statement

The European Science and Environment Forum is an independent, non-profit-making alliance of scientists whose aim is to ensure that environmental debates are properly aired, and that decisions which are taken, and action that is proposed, are founded on sound scientific principles.

The ESEF will be particularly concerned to address issues where it appears that the public and their representatives, and those in the media, are being given misleading or one-sided advice. In such instances the ESEF will seek to provide a platform for scientists whose views are not being heard, but who have a contribution to make.

Members are accepted from all walks of life and all branches of science. There is no membership fee. Members will be expected to offer their services in contributing to ESEF publications on issues where their expertise is germane.

To maintain its independence and impartiality, the ESEF does not accept outside funding from whatever source, the only income it receives is from the sale of its publications. Such publications will automatically be sent to members. Copies will be sent to selected opinion formers within the media and within government.

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