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66 Master Cylinder into 67 The Hoover Bit
Oil Bath Air Cleaner Fiberglas Ducting
It Works For Me! Lube Jobs, Needles and Looking Kewl
Loose Barrels Drying Out a Gauge
Converting Your Volkswagen to LPG Bigger Gas Tank
Retorque? Madam Meeyamo
Minding Your Own Business Neighbors
More Neighbors Cheap Parts
Positive Things and Buses Getting Home
More Getting Home Grendel's Computer
Various Cost Per Mile
Back to Basics Keeping Clean
Crazy Idea #437 The Forever Car (or Bus)
VW Parts List on CD-ROM The Flying Pig
Keep a Photographic History Stainless Steel Craftsman
Baja Firewood Kit & Cooking I Make Mistrakes
Camping, Tents, Baja & Buses Cars & Houses
Hats Help
The KC Run The Hairball Run (The Grendel Files)
Road Trip From Hell The Tehachapi Run
Trip Logs and Tehachapi Runs
The Rincon Rocket
Rincon Rescue Rincon Update
Rincon Redux Rincon Update II
Rincon Notes (72 Bus)
Oil, Oil Coolers, Oil Pump, Oil Temperature
Aftermarket Oil Coolers Easy Oil Temp Gauge Installation
Engine Swap/Oil Cooler External Oil Cooler
Filter/Pump Add-on Full Flow Oil Pump III
Installing a Full Flow Oil Filter More #@!! Filter/Pumps
More on Full-Flow Oil Filters Oil Contaminants
Extra-Capacity Oil Sump Engine/Oil Cooling Mods
Oil Filters Blowing Oil
More Blown Oil Still More #@!! Filter/Pumps
Oil Pressure Sender Removal Put On a New Oil Cooler
Oil Temp Sensor
Engine Case
Case Savers Case Savers II
Crankcase Sealant GEX Engines
Engine Case (Part 2) Exact Case Torque Pattern?
Paint Your Engine Polished Crankcases
Fuel System
Dual Carbs and Winning the Race Fuel Tanks, Rust and Filters
Repairing a Rusty Fuel Tank How to Prevent Engine Fires
More Fuel, Rust and Filters Can I Field Tune a 34 PICT -3?
Fridays, Fuel Injection and Science Fiction FI vs Carb
Fuel Pump Poop
Ignition and Electrical Parts
The By-Pass Solenoid Trick Solenoid Sermon Variations...
More Solenoid Sermon Variations Alternator and Generators
Horn Horn Wire Installation
68 Backup Lights Red Light On
Volkswagen Ignition System Soldered Connections
Let There be Light Fuses
Jittery Distributor Distributor Clearance
Reading Spark Plugs Fuse
CDI Ignition
Good News about VW Modules Electronic Ignition for the VW
CD Ignition and Money CDI System
Engine Removal and Assembly
Engine Assembly Tips Part I Engine Assembly Tips - Part II
Pulling the Engine and the Forever Car Philosophy The Free Engine and Parts that Don't Work (Jugs)
Assembling Pistons and Cylinders Deck Height, CR, and Cylinder Shims
Piston Pins and Hammers Engine Rebuild - Part II - Cleaning
To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild Finding TDC
Engine Break-in Basic Tune-up
Compression Ratio, Sensitivity Test Pulling the Engine II
Heads, Valves, and Valve Lifters
Elephant's Feet, Panda's Thumb Head Job
Hydraulic Valves New Heads
New Heads, Then Rebuild Your Old Ones NOPI Swivel-foot Adjusters
Rocker Shafts--1600cc Valve Stem Seals
Welding Heads, Installing New Valve Seats Combustion Deposits
Loose Sparkplug
Engine, Miscellaneous
Gaskets The Gasket Basket
Installing a Thermostat (and why) Sump Cover Plate Mods
Leaky Type II Oil Seal Oil Seal
Pushrod Tubes Boxer Engines
Engine Tins Stripped Drain Plugs
Oil and Breathers Sand Seal & Oil
Air Filters
More Power and Bigger Engines
1776 or Stock? Big Engines and Reliability --II
Big Engine Reliability B29 and Larger Engines
Free Horsepower More Free Horsepower
Type IV Engines
Type IV Oil Cooler and Pressure T4 MODS
T4 Engine Overhaul
Exhaust System and Heating Your Vehicle
Keeping Warm in a VW Bus Ultimate Bus Heater
Exhaust Fumes in Early Buses Preventing Exhaust Port Stud Failure
Type IV Heat Heat II
Rusted Bolts Stale Air Heating
Transmission and Clutch
Transmissions - Part I Clutch Pressure Plates
Hard Shifting in the VW Bus That #@!!@ Shift Rod Grommet
Rusted Tranny Mounts Swapping an Early Tranny
Freeway Flier
Axles and Suspension
Ball Joints Boot Camp
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Dust Caps Brake Grease
Steering Wheel Rebuilding Brake Cylinders
Bulletproof Tires
Towing & Winching
Towing Bugs & Buses Bug & Bus Winches
Aerodynamics Dealing with Rusty Seams
Rusty Windshield Roof Rack for Early Bug & Bus
Working on the Belly Pan 73 Chassis Problems
Sandblasting Don't Pull That Body Yet
Restoration Forever Poptop
Wiring Through the Body
Door hinges
Welding Bodywork Book
Sealing Wax Useful Tools
The Bomb Cart An Inexpensive Test Stand
Spring Clip Pliers Fids
Stuck Bolts Surface Plates
Book Review Another Useful Tool
Timing Lights Book Recommendation II
Cows and Other Useful Stuff Poor Man's Press
Get Hot

Thanks to Richard Kurtz for originating this archive. If you discover my attributing your work to that of Bob Hoover, please notify me at and not Bob. The majority of these sermons were gleaned from the vintagvw, vanagon and type2 mailing list archives and clerical errors can occur.

Also, if I have missed some, please email them to me at the above address, and I'll add them, after first checking them for authenticity.

Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1997 Robert S. Hoover

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