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CL-GD5440: VGA Video Accelerator

[System Block Diagram]

  • Cost-effective hardware-accelerated video playback
  • Continuous hardware-interpolated zoom (CD-Zoom(TM))
  • Integrated color space converter
  • Error-diffusion filtering offers color enhancement for video
  • Unique 32-bit multimedia frame buffer
  • Video data encoding reduces frame-buffer bandwidth requirement
  • 32-bit direct-connect host interface
  • Pin- and software-compatible with the Alpine graphics accelerator family (CL-GD5430 and CL-GD5434)
  • Full operation with minimum 512-Kbyte DRAM
  • Resolutions up to 1280 x 1024
  • Enhanced GUI acceleration with BitBLT engine
  • Integrated dual-clock synthesizer and 24-bit DAC
  • Hardware- and BIOS-compatible with IBM® VGA display standard

The CL-GD5440 is the first product in its class to integrate on a single chip the 32-bit graphics accelerator and video-processor accelerator. Hardware-accelerated zoom with X and Y linear interpolation and color space conversion are combined with an enhanced BitBLT accelerator, integrated 24-bit RAMDAC, and a dual-clock synthesizer.

The CL-GD5440 accelerates both graphics and video playback for Microsoft® Windows® and Windows NT(TM), OS/2®, and other graphic interfaces. High-quality video playback is supported in both 64K- and the popular 256-color modes, allowing video playback without compromising graphics performance. Gray Bar
Additional Information
Technical Reference Manual Acrobat .pdf file ___(Jan. '96, Fifth Edition: 3.7 Mb)

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