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CL-GD546X: High-Performance VisualMedia® Accelerators

[System Block Diagram]

  • 64-bit graphics engine with integrated 3D game acceleration (CL-GD5464/CL-GD5465)
    • Perspective textures mapping
    • Bilinear filtering
    • Single-pass lighting
    • Gouraud shading
    • Alpha blending, fog, and transparency
  • High-performance 64-bit GUI accelerator
    • Three-operand BitBLT (bit block transfer)
    • Color expansion for 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bpp modes
    • Stretch BLT
  • PCI v2.1-compliant bus master (CL-GD5464)
  • AGP (accelerated graphics port) support (CL-GD5465)
  • Video playback acceleration
    • Hardware occlusion for three video windows
  • Rambus® memory architecture
    • Low-latency devices supported
    • Single memory for color-buffer, Z-buffer, and texture store
  • V-Port® for peripheral expansion
  • Integrated VGA controller
  • Integrated 230-MHz palette DAC and clock synthesizer

The CL-GD546X is the Laguna® family of Rambus®-based 2D/3D graphics accelerators. The CL-GD5464 and CL-GD5465 offer 3D-graphics capability in addition to maintaining the same high level of 2D performance offered by the CL-GD5462.

The CL-GD5464 operates as a PCI bus master for maximum system throughput. The CL-GD5465 also supports Intel® AGP (accelerated graphics port) for higher bandwidth between the system memory and the graphics subsystem.

The CL-GD5464 offers very cost-effective hardware acceleration for the latest generation of 3D games that rely heavily on texture mapping to achieve a dramatic experience for the end user. The rendering performance is tuned to Microsoft® Direct3D(TM) game API. The CL-GD5464 is also compatible with other 3D game APIs on the market.

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Additional Information
Product Brief Acrobat .pdf file ___(83 Kb)
Preliminary Product Bulletin Acrobat .pdf file ___(April '97: 130 Kb)
Technical Reference Manual Acrobat .pdf file ___(May '97, First Edition: 6.8 Mb)
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For more information, see Cirrus Logic 3D.

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