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CL-GD5446: 64-bit VisualMedia® Accelerator

[System Block Diagram]
  • High-throughput PCI bus interface for video playback
    • Large write buffer allows sustained zero-wait-state bursts
    • Byte-swapping for PowerPC(TM) support
    • PCI v2.1-compliant
  • Advanced 64-bit BitBLT engine for Windows® 95
    • Transparent source data BLT for DirectDraw(TM)
    • Color expansion for all graphics modes
    • Double-buffered, Memory-Mapped registers with AutoStart(TM)
    • Optimized color 8 x 8 PatCopy
    • Accelerated Packed-24 modes
  • 64-bit DRAM interface optimized for EDO DRAM
    • 80-MHz MCLK offers up to 320 Mbytes/second peak bandwidth
    • Supports new 128K x 16, 128K x 32 DRAM
  • V-Port®, GPIO, I2C bus interfaces for video decoders
    • Video capture, closed-caption capture applications
    • GPIO permits video decoders with single load on PCI bus
    • Automatic double buffering prevents video 'tearing'
    • Glueless interface to the CL-PX4072
    • Interface to MPEG and other video decoders
  • Hardware window for video display
    • Multiformat frame buffer
    • Supports YUV-16 true color video with 8-bit graphics
    • YUV 4:2:2, AccuPak(TM), RGB-8, RGB-16 video formats
    • Independent interpolated X and Y zooming
    • Occlusion support with color- or chroma-key
    • Supports popular hardware and software video codecs, including MPEG
The CL-GD5446 delivers high-performance graphics and TV-quality, full-motion, full-screen video playback in an integrated, single-chip device. The CL-GD5446 VisualMedia® Accelerator, integrated into a cost-effective personal computer, plays CD-ROM video clips and disk-based video files (including MPEG titles), in full screen at up to 30 frames per second with fully synchronized sound. Transparent BitBLT and page-flipping features provide outstanding DirectDraw(TM) and games performance.
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Additional Information
Advance Product Bulletin Acrobat .pdf file ___(Sept. '96: 70 Kb)
Technical Reference Manual Acrobat .pdf file ___(Nov. '96, Second Edition: 3.5 Mb)

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