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Virtual Coach - Authority on Business Internet Skills and Successful Internet Recruiting
The Authority on Business Internet Savvy and
Search-Engine Friendly Website Design

Obtain Maximum Return on Internet Time Investment

The Virtual Coach is a comprehensive service provided to recruiting agencies and general businesses by Internet Authority Barbara Ling. I will save you time, teach you how to obtain the maximum return on your time investment on the Internet, and to realize your full potential from business netiquette and internet recruiting. My years of experience have taught me how to discover the best candidates and establish with them a positive relationship, without resorting to the usual hard-sell mass-marketing techniques common in today's business. These skills are easily applicable to other industries as well.

Generate Qualified Leads

Questions for internet recruiting and business skillsSo many search engines. So many websites. An abundance of newsgroups. How do you utilize them optimally? How can you target your searches to pinpoint those candidates you need? How do you contact them without running the risk of mail-bombing due to mass-mailing? How do you let them know of your site's existence and generate the qualified leads that bring in revenue?

Rank your Pages Higher on Search Engines

Yes, internet recruiting recruiters and business skills answersIs a business website right for you? What should you look out for when determining a provider or a site designer? Are there key recruiting topics which would encourage a candidate to further explore your firm? What pitfalls should you look out for when choosing an ISP or website developer? What added website design tips will make your pages rank higher on search engines?

The Virtual Coach will provide you the answers which will save you time, money and effort in your internet recruiting and business activities. Check out our membership benefits, and start profiting today.

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