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AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information

Recent Addition: 1997 Nebula Preliminary Ballot
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Welcome to AwardWeb, a collection of lists of literary award winners. The emphasis of this site is science fiction awards, but you'll find other literary awards added as I find them. If you'd like to see an award linked to this site, just drop me a line. Create a link to AwardWeb. Search AwardWeb.

AwardWeb is now an associate of, an online bookstore with over 2,500,000 titles. Any title listed here that's available from Amazon will be linked. So buying an award-winning book will be as easy as selecting the Amazon icon beside it.

Quick Award List:    Auroras   Bookers   Caldecott   Canadian   Clarkes   Darrells : : Dicks   Ditmars   Dublins   Edgars   European SF   Fasslers   Franklins   French SF   Gaughns   Hugos   Kerrys   Kings   Locus   Mythopoeics   Nebulas   Newberys   Nobels   Prometheus   Pulitzers   Russian SF   SF Hall   SF Romance   Sidewise   Skylarks   Stokers   Sturgeons   Tiptrees   Trasks   Vogels   World Fantasy  

Major Science Fiction Awards

For a detailed index to science fiction and fantasy anthologies up to 1983, visit the Contento Index site. For an index to anthologies, 1984-1996, visit the Brown/Contento Index site.

To the Bram Stoker Award list. The Stokers are given out each year by the Horror Writers Association for excellence in horror writing.

To the Hugo Award list. The Hugos are given out each year by members of the current World Science Fiction Convention for the best in science fiction. Photos from the MagiCon Hugo Exhibit.

To the Hugo/Nebula/Locus Multiple Award Winners List. All the works that earned at least two awards.

To the SFWA Nebula Award list (includes all nominees as well as the winners). The Nebulas are given out each year by members of the Science-fiction & Fantasy Writers of America for the best in science fiction and fantasy professional publishing.

To the World Fantasy Awards. The World Fantasy Awards are given out each fall by the members of the World Fantasy Convention for the best in published fantasy.

To the Lambda Awards for best gay science fiction. (Note: Lambdas are awarded for all genres, but only the SF Lambdas are listed at the site.)

To the Arthur C. Clarke Award list. The Arthur C. Clarke Awards are given out each year for the best science fiction novel published in Britain the previous year.

To The Prix Aurora Awards. The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association annual SF awards.

To the Ditmar Awards Page. For the best SF published in Australia.

To the European SF Awards Home Page. For the best SF published in Europe.

To the French SF Awards Page. For the best SF published in French.

To the Russian SF Awards Page. For the best SF published in Russian

Awards Sponsored by Science Fiction Clubs or Other Sub-groups

To the Locus Poll Winners. Given out annually by the readers of Locus magazine for the best in science fiction and fantasy for the previous year.

To the Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees List. Selected by the board of directors of the J. Wayne and Elsie M. Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas, and the members of the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society to four individuals on the basis of their continued excellence and long-time contribution to the science fiction and fantasy field.

To the Science Fiction Romance of the Year Award. Selected by the readers of Science Fiction Romance for the works that best combine science fiction and romance.

To the Skylark Award list. Given out annually by the New England Science Fiction Association, it honors the science fiction professional who most exemplified E. E. "Doc" Smith, the creator of the Lensmen series.

To the Gaughn Award list. Given out by a jury of artists selected by the New England Science Fiction Association to the "Best New Professional Artist."

To the Mythopoeic Award list. Given by the members of the Mythopaeic Society for new fantasy literature, and scholarship in the areas of Inklings studies and general Mythic and fantasy studies.

To the Darrell Award. Given by the Memphis Science Fiction Association in honor of Dr. Darrell C. Richardson, to a work set in the Memphis area.

Juried Awards

To the Philip K. Dick Award list. Awarded annually for distinguished SF published as a paperback original in the U.S.

To the James Tiptree, Jr. Award Home Page. "The James Tiptree, Jr. Award for the work of science fiction or fantasy published in one year which best explores or expands gender roles."

To the Prometheus Awards. Presented by a jury of Libertarians to provide encouragement to science fiction writers who books examine the meaning of freedom.

To the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History Given by a small jury of SF and history fans, this award acknowledges excellence in alternate histories.

To the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award. Given by a small jury of SF writers for the best in short science fiction.

Awards with a Jury of One

To Janice's Sorta Annual Worldcon Awards. Not really literary or even annual but highly amusing if you're a con-goer.

Major Mystery Awards

To the Edgar Allan Poe Awards. Awards given out annually by the Mystery Writers of America.

Major Literary Awards

To the Nobel Prize list. Founded by Alfred Nobel, they honor achievement in many areas, including Literature.

To the Pulitzer Prize list. Endowed by Joseph Pulitzer, these journalism and writing awards are given by Columbia University.

Major National Literature Awards


To the Miles Franklin Award list. Established in honor of the Australian author, it is given annually for the novel or play of the highest literary merit, written by an Australian, presenting aspects of Australian life, and published during the preceding year. The award is adminstered by the Permanent Trustee Co Ltd of Sydney.

To the Australian/Vogel Award list. Sponsored by Vogel's Bread, it is awarded to a writer under 35 years of age for an original unpublished manuscript of fiction or Australian history or biography.


To Canada's major national literary awards page.


To the Kerry Ingredients Book of the Year list. Presented annually at opening of the The Listowel Writers Week since 1995. Awarded to the best work of fiction published in Ireland during the previous year.

To the International IMPAC Dubin Literary Award. Awarded to works of fiction written in or translated into English, as selected by an international panel of writers.

United Kingdom

To the Booker McConnel Prize list. Referred to colloquially as the "Booker", this is sponsored by Booker McConnell Ltd. and is administered by the National Book League in the United Kingdom. It is awarded to the best full-length novel written in English by a citizen of the UK, the Commonwealth, Eire, Pakistan or South Africa.

To the Betty Trask Awards. The Betty Trask Awards are given on the strength of a first novel written by an author under thirty five. A jury from the Society of Authors (UK) makes the selection.

Major Children's Literature Awards

To the Newbery Medal award list. The Newberys are given out each winter by the American Library Association for outstanding children's literature. There is also a site with text excerpts from some recent medal winners.

To the Caldecott Medal award list. The Caldecotts are given out each year by the American Library Association for outstanding illustration of a children's book.

To the Coretta Scott King award list. These awards honor a black author and a black illustrator for outstanding contributions which promote better understanding and appreciation of the culture and contribution of all peoples.

To the Joan Fassler Memorial Award. It is given annually for excellence in children's literature dealing with medical or health-related issues by the Association for the Care of Children's Health.

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