tiny ship Battlecruiser 3000AD
 A spaceflight simulator, conquest and exploration supergame,
 Battlecruiser combines strategy, space combat simulation, and
 resource management all in an exquisitely detailed and expansive
 3D universe.
 In 3000AD, the power hungry Gammulan Empire hovers on the
 brink of galactic conquest. The Galaxy's organization of free
 worlds, GALCOM, has assigned its most gifted commanders (that
 means you) to combat and thwart the Gammulan threat. You command
 a mighty Battlecruiser: part battleship, part carrier, and part
 explorer. With a crew of 75, four Interceptor fightercrafts, and an
 awesome array of weaponry, you take the controls of the Battlecruiser to
 carry out GALCOM's directives.
 But you'll need more than firepower to successfully piece together the
 puzzle of the Galaxy and defeat the Gammulans. You'll need a quick mind
 and a keen sense of command to negotiate, trade, and if necessary, fight
 the alien nations you discover. Intelligence, diplomacy, and a thorough
 knowledge of your ship will all come into play as you strive to bring a
 lasting peace to the Galaxy.
 Main Features
 A space/planetary flight simulator and combat strategy game all in one
 Uses the first ever neural net-based AI system in an entertainment software release
 Advanced 3D modeling, texture mapping, and artificial intelligence
 Over 1.5 Mb of digitized sound effects and MIDI music
 Interact with 12 alien species
 Space and planet based missions with true 3D navigation

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