We created a monster: towering, powerful and massive. When we put a quarter ton of weight under the back seat of a ProStar 205, we turned its polite wake into a raging beast. And turned the ProStar 205 into the X-Star. IT'S ALL ABOUT ALTITUDE. An electric pump fills a 70 gallon ballast bag behind the engine box (or under the rear seat when it's raised to sunpad height) to add 580 pounds to the back of the boat. That pushes the X-Star's stern deep into the water, for the most perfect riding wake shape available.
It won't just give you air. It will give you serious altitude. A seven-foot extended pylon, with additional structural reinforcement and bracing, completes your flight gear. THE PERFORMANCE IS OVER THE TOP. SO'S THE LOOK. AND THE SOUND. The gel coat and graphics are loud. The sound system's louder. It's a high output, 4-channel Kenwood CD system that really rocks. PRESTO. CHANGE-O. Pump out the bag, and you get the ProStar 205's glass-smooth slalom, jump and tricks wakes. Though the pylon and the aggressive graphics give away the fact that this is the most rambunctious member of the MasterCraft family. Radical boat. Refined comfort. The performance is radical, but the comfort is totally refined. It's pure MasterCraft, with luxurious upholstery, a roomy open-bow design, a rear seat that turns into a sunpad, MasterCraft's advanced new MasterCraft Oscillation Dampening System (M.O.D.S.ª) vibration reduction system.and even a SilentMaster¨ exhaust system - not that you'd notice the last when you've got the sound system cranked up.

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