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New Kernel
Contributed by CmdrTaco on Tue Jan 13 at 11:12AM EST
[Linux] From the download-compile-repeat Dept
Thanks to the several of you who wrote in to let me know that Linus has released the 2.1.79 kernel- an over 700k patch. Wowsers. Grab it from the usual spots.
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Bovine vs. DES
Contributed by CmdrTaco
[Encryption] Tue Jan 13 at 11:03AM EST

From the crack-the-code dept.
Bovine is moving over and taking on the new DES encryption contest. They ought to be able to crack it fairly quickly if the huge base of installed users currently working on 64 RC5 upgrade their clients. Read more over at their homepage. Thanks to Super Sharp Shooter for sending this our way.
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RedHat chooses Gnome!
Contributed by mojoski
[RedHat] Tue Jan 13 at 10:56AM EST

From the taking-on-the-world dept.
RedHat has announced the formation of a new department known as "Red Hat Advanced Development Labs" who will be working with the people of the GNOMEteam to advance a free desktop and many nice tools for linux. Here is a link to the announcement made by Marc Ewing at RedHat. Thanks to the folks at freshmeat for making me aware of this.

Can companies like RedHat continue to make money on Free software. I'm guessing that they can. What do you think?
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Japan inspects MS
Contributed by Hemos
[Microsoft] Tue Jan 13 at 9:41AM EST

From the Oh-No-Mr.Bill! dept.
Joining in what appears to be a growth industry for the last 90s, Japan's division of Fair Trade Practices is investigating the Tokyo division of MS for the same practice that the US Dept of Justice is--the integration of Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system. Microsoft, of course, has issued a statement that they are "cooperating".
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Sun introduces new line
Contributed by Hemos
[News] Mon Jan 12 at 3:37PM EST

From the must-stop-the-borg dept.
Sun will be announcing the release, on Tuesday, of a new line of work stations called Darwin. These stations will be designed to compete with the burgeoning NT boxes which are making serious inroads into the workstation area, a traditional Sun stronghold. Sun is hoping that they can hold off the sapping of UNIX boxes from this arena. UNIX box sales have been slipping recently, and it is expected that they will slip a further 70,000 this year, bringing the total sales to a 590,000 that will most likely be sold this year.
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Implantable Computers
Contributed by CmdrTaco
Mon Jan 12 at 12:21PM EST

From the its-about-time dept.
I know that many of you, just like me are just waiting for this to hit the mainstream, but check out this article where you can learn about researchers who are experimenting with directly interfacing rats brains and computers. Now when I can get some sort of hi speed net connection into my brain, life will be perfect. Thanks to Harry McKee for sending the nerdiest article so far in 1998.
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Gimp Contest Winners Announced
Contributed by CmdrTaco
[The GIMP] Mon Jan 12 at 9:33AM EST

From the talented-people-doing-cool-stuff dept.
Manish Singh let me know that the Animated Gif Contest Winner has been posted to Virtual Wilbur & Ewing's cool animated Tux took the prize, although my favorite was the bizarre brown animated texture. Cool stuff if you haven't seen them yet.
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