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About This Site is brought to you by a host of cool people. It is owned and maintained by Rob Malda. Thanks go out to Dave DeMaagd for helping out with some of the early perl coding. Thanks go to Mythical Solutions for backup DNS hosting, and my employer, TheImageGroup for letting me run this on a machine plugged into the office T1.

In addition to the techies, the regular list of contributors consist of myself: Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda, Jeff "Hemos" Bates, Kristof "Aeneas" Van Damme, Justin Maurer, Del "mojoski" Simmons, and the tons of people who e-mail stories.. Thanks go to them for helping make this site the cool place that it is.

Other creds: The cool Wilber the Gimp image was by Tuomas Kuosmanen and the famous Tux Linux Penguin is a creation of Larry Ewing. Anything that is copyrighted or trademarked or registered to anyone else is their's. I claim ownership of only the handful of original images I created...

If I left anyone out... please don't hesitate to yell and I'll add you to the list.

If you like this site, feel free to steal the various ads I've got here and post it on your homepage. You can see the whole collection at The Supporters Page.

Feel free to e-mail a story to me or any of the contributors, or else even just a URL. If you think it is interesting, there is a good chance we will too! The best way to do this is to fill out the Contribution Form.

Current Stats (As of Midnight)

Current Platforms
Total Hits 440115
Linux Users 175250
X11 Users 208124
Windows Users 173736
Non Windows Users 251846
Browser Totals
Netscape: 346113
Internet Explorer: 50290
Other Browsers: 28963

Finally we have the TODO list... just a place so that you know what the future holds...

  • User accounts for custom information including
    • Filter to topics of interest
    • E-Mail articles system
    • Cookie based accounts? User/PW based accounts?
  • Find more article authors
  • More detailed About the Authors section
  • More variety on banner ads... e-mail if you have something cool to plug...
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