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New Kernel
Contributed by CmdrTaco on Tue Jan 13 at 11:12AM EST
[Linux] From the download-compile-repeat dept
Thanks to the several of you who wrote in to let me know that Linus has released the 2.1.79 kernel- an over 700k patch. Wowsers. Grab it from the usual spots.

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Reader Comments

Tue Jan 13 at 12:33PM EST

looks like those kernel wizards have done it again, (v)fat support is uberly broken. I suspect another barrage of small bugfix patches for the next few days, just like after every other huge-assed patch :)

Ian Tester
Tue Jan 13 at 12:54PM EST

If you had gone through the patch (eveyone does, don't they?), you'd have seen that the FAT coe is being fiddled with to allow compression modules, to read the various compressed volume formats. So, as always, hang on tight - 'cause improvements are in store!

p.s, what's happening with the sound code? I still have to manually compile uart401.c and put it in my modules dir..

Tue Jan 13 at 1:03PM EST

I seem to recall hearing a long, LONG time ago that 2.2 was "just around the corner", yet with every release I read about all these little problems - seems like RSN means real slow now? :)

Tue Jan 13 at 1:39PM EST

What are you guys bitching about?? These people do an outstanding job for nothing but ego.

We should be saying, thanks, we understand, and keep it up!

So, thank, I understand, keep it up.


Paul Kelly
Tue Jan 13 at 1:51PM EST

There's a reason why it's called a development/experimental kernel. Things will break. Ask anyone that tried 2.1.43 :) The kernel will probably get up to 2.1.99, maybe a little further so it doesn't have far to go for 2.2.0.

Most of this gigantic patch (3MB uncompressed diff) seems to be integration of parallel development trees - masses and masses of SPARC and Ultra64 code along with Macintosh support.

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