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Pinky.wtower.com (also known as neylonpc.engin.umich.edu) is a Dell Optiplex 450/L 486DX with 16megs of RAM and 2 gigs of hard drive space, running RedHat 5.0 with kernel Linux 2.0.32, and connected via a T1 to the Univ. of Michigan/MichNet network. It is maintained by Michael K. Neylon, and is located in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. (A photo of pinky is available, but please ignore the desk! (and that is not me in the shot). Pinky.wtower.com is a part of the WTnet network, and supports several network services, as follows:

Statistics for this httpd server are available. You can also see the current runtime status in either tables or no-tables form.

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Pinky! NaRF!
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