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Technology-driven to deliver a whole new interactive 3D experience on your home or business personal computer.

"Say goodbye to panning your head or the camera around to watch the image jump around, trying to catch up with how fast you're looking around. With the Intense card, the action is as smooth as if you were watching a movie or a cartoon. Flawless. In fact, when I first started playing Rendition-ready Quake, I nearly fell out of my chair--that's how evident the difference was between this card and my regular video card...." Read more >

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Transform your PC into an awesome adventure arcade. Get a Rendition Ready Intergraph Intense 3D 100 and plunge into 3D games with more realistic motion, more colors, more textures, and more speed than you’ve ever imagined on a PC. Test your nerve and your reflexes in a world-famous auto race. Challenge your favorite sports star in a tough, realistic contest. Battle savage dinosaurs, armored knights, and alien spaceships.

The newest 3D games take full advantage of Intense 3D 100’s architecture, which includes a programmable RISC processor that demands 50 percent fewer CPU cycles and consumes 80 percent less PCI bandwidth. The result? A mind-blowing, virtual-world experience!

Developed by a company that’s provided leading-edge graphics for the professional world for nearly three decades, Intergraph’s Intense 3D 100 introduces real-time 3D action to the home PC -- plus no-compromise performance for videos, Web browsers, Windows applications, and DOS games.

Check out the exciting games bundled with your Intense 3D 100 card: IndyCar II (full version), Quake (shareware), and demo versions of Microsoft's Hellbender and Monster Truck Madness. With an Intense 3D 100 graphics accelerator on your PC, expect a whole new interactive experience!

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Rendition Ready games supported with Intense 3D 100


Games not included when factory installed into Intergraph TD systems

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