ELCOME TO the future of gameplay. Here at Astros, we are putting the finishing touches on our latest game creation, SandWarriors. In order for SandWarriors to keep up with the demand of superior gameplay, we have developed an advanced 3D engine called 3D ALITY. The design of the engine has given Astros the ability to produce advanced 3D landscaping technology and highly complex 3D models in any size or form. With this engine, it is possible to experience model-morphing and animation in realtime with variable light sources and searchlights. This also means that throughout our game you will encounter extremes of weather and atmospheric conditions - right down to the subtlties of glass effects, gouraud shading, and even an advanced collision system - all this in an environment of bitmapped polygons. The gamesplayer can explore, with complete freedom of movement, the amazing landscapes, and discover for themselves, why it had to be called "3D ALITY"...

SandWarriors though, is not the first original project to come out of Astros Productions; there have been many (just check out our Softology section to see that). When our previous creation, Retribution, was launched onto the market, it vastly improved Volume Pixel game technology. This brought to gameplay a greater sense of realism - which in turn led to a more enjoyable gameplaying experience.

STROS PRODUCTIONS was created back in 1982 by Peter and George Karboulonis and ever since then we have prided ourselves on remaining an independant company. During that time we have undertaken the development and marketing of our own games as well as converting top licences for companies such as Ocean and Gremlin Interactive. In the years ahead, we shall continue to create exciting games for you, the gamesplayer, to enjoy.

Feel free to bookmark this site and check back frequently for our new information and announcements regarding SandWarriors and future productions. You never know, we might even let you in on a few game cheats.