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"Santa's Rescue" is a fun Christmas Adventure game for the whole family to enjoy! We are offering it to you as a shareware game.  Download it for free now.  We hope that you will be so impressed by our 3D graphics game engine that you'll want to purchase some of our other products.  When you win this game, you will receive a special victory code that entitles you to substantial discounts on other Pie in the Sky products.

"Santa's Rescue" takes place at the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  An evil Ice Wizard has cast a nasty spell that threatens to ruin the winter holiday.  Pesky trolls have stolen the gifts.   Santa's elves have been frozen into ice blocks.  The reindeer can't fly. And worst of all, Santa is being held prisoner in a sinister ice cave.  Oh no!

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Armed with a magic candy cane that shoots jingles and sprinkles, you run around the North Pole gathering gifts, freeing grounded reindeer, and thawing out elves.  Beware of the growling abominable snowmen and the menacing grinchy creatures!

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Your ultimate goal is to find the ice cave, zap the Wizard, and return Santa to his cozy castle so he can take off in his sleigh to deliver Christmas gifts to deserving children all over the globe!!!

Download Santa's Rescue NOW!!!


- PC (Will not run on MAC machines)
- 486 processor or higher
- 3.5" floppy drive
- 4 megabytes of RAM w/ 600K free
- Up to 8 megabytes of hard disk space
- DOS, but will run in Windows™
- VGA or better graphics card
- SoundBlaster™ compatible sound card
- Mouse and/or joystick

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