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Arm yourself to the teeth and get ready to lock and load.  You'll do battle with some tough customers in this first person perspective, 3D, shoot 'em up game.  Chuckle over some quirky humor too!

"Industrial Killers" is a  free demo that shows off the features of  Pie in the Sky's 3D game engine.  We're hoping that playing this game will inspire you to become a game designer, author, and publisher in your own right.

We want you to buy our Game Creation System and the GCS Add-on products so you can make and sell games like "Industrial Killers".  Check out our "Game Creation System" and make the jump from game player to game designer!    The games you build with the GCS are yours to sell, royalty free.  You keep 100% of the profit. 

Download Industrial Killers NOW!!!


- PC (Will not run on MAC machines)
- 486 processor or higher
- 3.5" floppy drive
- 4 megabytes of RAM w/ 600K free
- Up to 8 megabytes of hard disk space
- DOS, but will run in Windows™
- VGA or better graphics card
- SoundBlaster™ compatible sound card
- Mouse and/or joystick

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