Genre: „Shadows over Riva” is a pure-blooded Role Playing Game for slightly advanced players. A game interspersed with traditional RPG-elements, that's intented to attract hard-core Role-Players as well as novices to the genre.


Graphics: New graphics all the way through, rendered sequences in SVGA and a breathtaking 3D engine will have players ask for more.

Music: „Star Trail's” score was an indication what to expect from „Shadows over Riva” music-wise. Epic soundtracks at their best.

Effects: Usually there's silence as death approaches. In „Shadows over Riva” there's goose bumps. Tremendous sound effects accompany your every step.

Speech: Even Arkania becomes more alive with speech und thus we have integrated lots of professionally recorded and digitized speech.

Dialogues: The dialogue-system has been improved with every part of the Northland Trilogy. „Shadows over Riva” presents the player with a sophisticated question- and answering-system where anything goes.

Story: Only those who see through truth and lies will survive this adventure. Compared to „Star Trail” and „Blade of Destiny” the plot of „Shadows over Riva” has been concentrated a lot more. The idea is not to wade through hundreds of square miles of landscape to get an idea of what is going on in this game. „Shadows over Riva” places the player in the town Riva where he has to to find out about the orcish rebellion. Object of the game is to unmask the men behind the scenes, to unriddle secrets and to never fall for the enticements and allures of Evil.

End of the Game: As in the previous parts of the series, the player may again save and archieve his characters and the party to bring it into upcoming sequels of the „Realms of Arkania” series.

Design: With „Shadows over Riva” we have tried to strongly focus the design on the computer and not to orient it too much on the traditional Paper & Pencil games design as we did in the previous parts of the sequel.

Interface: We have re-used the well-known interface of the series in „Shadows over Riva” while still refining it to make the game easier and faster to handle, yet.

Perspective: 360º 3D first person perspective in the dungeons and the city Riva as well as the proven isometric view for the combats.

Combat: One of the jewels of the „Realms of Arkania” series is definitely combat and here „Shadows over Riva” does not make an exception. With purposeful strategy and tactics the player is being enabled to make the most of the variations and nuances of this sophisticated combat system.

Magic: The „Realms of Arkania” universe supplies the player with a multitude of magic spells. Accompanied by digitized speech a lot of them find use in „Shadows over Riva” as well. A varied cocktail of Healing-, Domination-, Transformation- and Combat Spells among others, unchain the player's phantasies completely.

NPCs: Over 150 people that are more or less willing to share their knowledge with you, plus 8 characters that would like to join the band, liven up the game's world and offer plenty of room for interaction.

Monsters: New monsters with their own strengths, tactics and weaknesses have made it into „Shadows over Riva” and will give even the most addicted players of the prequels something to get their teeth into.

Need to Mention: We finish the Northland Trilogy with „Shadows over Riva” but not the „Realms of Arkania” series.