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Mass Destruction

System: Saturn
Publisher: ASC Games
Developer: NMS Software
Players: 1

Shawn: 8.5
The Saturn version of Mass Destruction is essentially the same game as the PlayStation one, but with a few added bonuses to make this one better. First and foremost the graphics are way better on the Saturn. They must be in Hi-res Mode because they look outstanding. The interface and mission briefing looked better, too - overall, the Saturn Mass D. was just sharper, cleaner and more colorful. Another big-time plus were the load times on the Saturn - there were next to none compared to the slightly annoying ones on the PlayStation. I also noticed that the Saturn one was a tad faster...even in the higher resolution mode! Other than that stuff, I really enjoyed playing through the game. The missions were simple most of the time, but hard enough to be a challenge. I like the three-step destruction on some of the buildings: A few rockets would blow it up, another few would knock it askew and the final few would topple the roof. I could definitely see this one becoming a gaming franchise - more sequels with new enhancements. But who knows what ASC has planned. One thing on the Saturn version that wasn't better than the PS was the intro FMV. It wasn't good on the PS to begin with and the Saturn version was even worse (but who cares - it only lasts a minute or two). Overall, a must-have for Saturn fanatics.

Kraig: 7.0
Originally designed for the Saturn, this version of Mass Destruction is better than its PlayStation counterpart. The graphics are much sharper (due to it being in a higher resolution) and some of the 3-D textures in the game are better drawn. Still, there's plenty of room for improvement. Overall, Mass Destruction is a fun, mindless shooter. Just don't expect a lot of gameplay depth in this simplistic romp on tank treads.

Dan: 6.0
There's something rather appealing about destroying everything in sight. Mass Destruction serves that up in...well, masses. The controls are very nice, although I found it easier to shoot things straight on (and take several hits) than to turn the turret. After a while, as you might have guessed, the action gets real redundant. The different missions offer some variety, but it doesn't detract from the game's main idea: mindless action.

Kelly: 5.5
Mass Destruction is a mindless game that just doesn't live up to its potential. With plenty of stuff to blow up and large, colorful levels, Mass Destruction coulda been a contenda, but the end result is a game that's in over its head. This may be my anal gene kicking in again, but I feel that Mass Destruction's missions are too repetitive and boring for their own good. I'm sorry but I can't recommend this game and keep a clear conscience.

Visuals 7.0 Sound 7.0 Ingenuity 5.0 Replay 6.0

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