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MegaMan X4
EGM Silver

System: Saturn
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Theme: Action
Players: 1

Sushi- X: 9.0
Mega Man X4 is the best Mega Man game for the Saturn, hands down. A virtual duplicate of the PlayStation version, Mega Man X4 struts its stuff with Sega style. The option to follow two separate, yet merging story lines using either Mega Man X or Zero is by far the most innovative new feature of the game. Since X and Zero play completely differently, it's like two games in one! Not a bad deal in my book. Once again, the voice acting is not exactly what I'd have liked, but it'll do. Mega Man X still sounds like a wuss. Otherwise, it's perfect for adding the required personality of the Mega Man franchise. Either way, the game is great. You've got a killer story line that has worked for over 15 games, a main character who is cute and rugged at the same time, the coolest power-up interface seen since Gaiares, and HUGE levels. What more could an avid gamer want? Perhaps better level layouts. They seem overly simplified compared to previous games, with less level interaction - but they are quite large. Luckily, the lively animation distracts from much of X4's shortcomings. I'm eternally glad that the X series hasn't become cartoony! As a big fan of this series, and not so much of the standard set, this new title pleases me to no end, even sans Hurricane Kick. Well, who wouldn't like someone named X?? Don't answer that! :)

Dan: 8.0
Isn't it refreshing to see an old-fashioned side- scrolling game once in a while? It's almost a lost art with today's technology. X4 plays and controls well, is challenging and finally, looks great. Mega Man games, however, do need a change of pace. X4 is the best in the series, but the series is getting old. Perhaps MM is ready to go 3-D (or better yet, 2.5-D, like Pandemonium!). Either way, I hope the next game takes MM to another level.

Crispin: 8.0
You can always count on a Mega Man game (well, most of 'em, anyway) to deliver super gameplay and great graphics in a polished package. And Mega Man X4 delivers all that, except with more variety. You get the option to play as Zero, not to mention way-cool cinemas and an awesome story line. The levels may be standard stuff for a Mega Man game (except with the best graphics of the series), but I wouldn't have it any other way.

John: 8.0
Mega Man X4 offers a nice change of pace from past games in the X series, with the ability to play as either X or Zero being a huge factor in the game's replayability. The graphics are some of the best 2-D the Saturn has yet seen, and the cut scenes add a lot to the game's overall feel (good voice acting, too!). Admittedly, X4 is a bit on the easy side, but it doesn't detract from the game too much. X fans will not be disappointed.

Visuals 8.0 Sound 7.0 Ingenuity 3.0 Replay 5.0

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