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    Submit It!, Inc. is a privately-held Internet services company headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts. Our services are used by Web site marketers and developers throughout the world who are responsible for promoting Web sites on the Internet.

    Our mission is to enable organizations to announce and promote Web sites to targeted audiences over the Internet. Our goal is to leverage our leadership position in Web site announcements by offering services in related Web site promotion segments.

    Our business model embraces both the PC and Internet software models. It includes free versions, platform-independent product options, value-added online content, online support, participative referral programs and value-based pricing.

Products and Services

    Submit It! developed the first Web site announcement service for the Internet. Introduced in February 1995, Submit It! Free is used by thousands of individuals and organizations every day.

    The company now offers three commercial services designed to meet the needs of both small and large companies, as well as professional service firms such as Web site developers and public relations agencies. They include Submit It! Online, Submit It! Desktop and Submit It! Consulting.

    Submit It! Online, launched in July 1996, employs a Web-based interface. It provides unique management functions such as saving announcement activity history, and includes more than four hundred directories conveniently organized into more than 25 categories.

    In July 1997, Submit It! launched Submit It! Desktop 2.0. Using a software-based interface, Desktop accelerates and improves the process for announcing Web sites.

    Desktop enables users to work much faster in filling out the requisite information, since it operates off-line and does not depend on the vagaries of the Internet. Built-in automation removes the need to input the same information multiple times. All information is stored locally, simplifying and speeding updating.

    Both Online and Desktop use Submit It! servers to send the announcements, leveraging the company's industrial-strength hardware and connectivity, and reducing the load on user resources. Desktop provides additional time savings, especially important to service providers announcing multiple Web sites. With one click, users can submit to all appropriate targets. With another click, users can check on the status of their announcements. With a final click, users can resubmit to the targets that did not receive the original transmission.

    To meet the needs of customers who want to outsource the announcement of their sites, Submit It! Consulting Services takes a personal, hands-on approach. First, consultants provide individualized recommendations on how to set up a Web sites for higher placement in search engine results. Once these recommendations have been implemented, Submit It! consultants undertake the entire announcement process, including identifying key search engines and directories, forms inputting, tracking and reporting on results.

Our Philosophy: Quality Announcements and User Productivity

    Our prime objective is to provide quality announcements in a timely manner to the various directories and search engines. The way we make announcements is based on feedback from both our customers and the directories. We take eight steps to ensure quality and productivity:

  1. We review every directory and search engine to determine if it adds value to our customers. It would be very easy for us to add directories that increase the number of catalogs but do not provide sufficient value to our customers. We choose, however, to integrate only about 30% of such requests.

  2. We use the exact submission script of each directory. This guarantees to users that their success with Submit It! is the same as if they navigated to each directory in the service and submitted the form by hand.

  3. We provide an on-line announcement tips guide that educates users on topics such as how to set up their Web sites for search engine crawlers before they begin announcing.

  4. We provide a user guide that takes users step-by-step through the service.

  5. We provide direct links to each directory, enabling a user to easily check out a directory for proper fit before announcing.

  6. We integrate announcement tips particular to each directory into the respective forms, helping users optimize their announcements.

  7. We provide methods for final check of the information before submitting to the search engines and directories.

  8. We provide filtering and matching via our IntelliMatch technology to locate the appropriate directories and search engines for each customer.


    Submit It! Desktop software and server software is written in C++ and the server software uses a relational database.


    Submit It! has customers in more than 60 countries around the world. It is aggressively marketing Online and Desktop through partnerships and is developing additional services and products that leverage the Submit It! brand and technology.


    The company's senior management is composed of high technology software executives with extensive experience in designing, developing and marketing software products and services. One of Submit It!'s founders is Scott Banister, who is well known in the Internet community for creating the original free Submit It! service while an undergraduate at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

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    Bedford, MA 01730
    Phone: (617) 275-0930
    Fax: (617) 275-0931

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    Bob Keener
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