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~ Monolith's Future ~

Monolith's Future

So where is Monolith going? Honestly, no one can answer that for sure. As a service run by volunteers with real lives and real tasks ahead of them, it is hard to steer Monolith in any one direction. We are more content to let the user, you, tell us what you want.

However, some philsophy changes have been made. First of all, Monolith will no longer be able to ignore or downplay the money factor. I've estimated that I've put $5000 of my work time into this project, and many of the other Tech Support members have put in similar amounts. Though we all enjoy working on Monolith, there comes a point where we have to consider the reality of the situation.

Hence Monolith is adding more services, the first of which is BASE.ORG. Our philosophy still remains to offer some level of service at no charge, and to charge only what is reasonable for all other services. We also try our best to insure that currently free services always remain free through a combination of donations, fees from other services, and sponsorship. For more information about our more than reasonable ad rates, go to our ads department.

Outside of this, we hope to be adding more useful services at a no or low cost, including the LINK EXCHANGE SYSTEM (LES), a fully functional DYNAMIC DNS, EMAIL SUPPORT and COMMON LOG FORMAT for HOME PROJECT DOMAINS, and more.

And finally, I've personally been trying to create a global FREE top level domain. Whether or not this becomes a reality is another question; money talks and big bucks are being waved about in the registry battles. However, through our experience running this registry, we hope to eventually run similar registries for companies that need our services on their own domain names.

We're always looking for your input. Good ideas come from all over the world. Send them in and maybe we can help make them a reality.

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