WWC MAT 105  
Introduction to
the Internet
Term II Fall 97

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Course Objectives: To introduce the student to the information resources available on the Internet by lectures, demonstrations, supervised laboratory exercises, assignments and a project; to provide the student a basic level of expertise gaining access to and using these resources. The student project will consist of a 5 page Pathfinder on a selected topic.This Pathfinder is not a research paper, rather, it is a guide to research resources on the Internet.

Instructor: Paula Davidson (davidson@cs.unca.edu)
Office hours: There's no office! But I can be available to you after class and by appointment.
This syllabus: http://www.cs.unca.edu/~davidson/wwcsyl.html
Required Text: Learning to Use the Internet, by Ernest Ackerman.
Additional Resources: http://www.cs.unca.edu/~davidson/class.html The Internet Class Page will contain required readings and handouts for each unit of the course. These required readings are linked to each class meeting on this syllabus.

The Schedule

This class meets Tuesday/Thursday and alternate Fridays 2:30-3:50pm.

Tues Oct 28 Orientation to the machines. Making sure we all understand MS Windows and have the ability to change and move in and out of windows. How the syllabus, the class web page work and how to access them via Netscape.

Thurs Oct 30 Understanding your Warren Wilson account and how to log on. A brief introduction to the Internet.
Required Readings

Tues Nov 4 Email and the Pine program, an introduction and configuring the pine program. Sending and reading mail.
Required Readings for this week
Ackermann text: Chapter 2

Thurs Nov 6 More on Email: replying to and forwarding mail, saving and deleting mail.
Homework Assignment, Due at the start of class on Tues, Nov 11. Send paula an email message and discuss one one of the readings assigned on Oct. 30.

Fri Nov 7 The Pine address book and signature files and finding people.
Required Readings

Tues Nov 11 Mailing lists; joining the class mailing list.
Assignment: You are now required to post once a week to the Netjournal mailing list.
Required Readings
Ackermann text: Chapter 5

Thurs Nov 13 Clients and servers, the WWW, hypertext and web browsers.
Required Readings
Ackermann text: Chapter 11

Tues Nov 18 test One on introduction, email and mailing lists

Thurs Nov 20 The Netscape Web Browser
Required Readings
Ackermann text: Appendix B

Fri Nov 21 Bookmarks on Netscape.
Bring a disk to class today!
Your Pathfinder topic is due by the start of class today

Tues Nov 25 Hunting and Gathering: searching for information
Required Readings

Thurs Nov 27 - No Class - Thanksgiving Holiday

Tues Dec 2 More on Search Engines and Indexes

Thurs Dec 4 Test Two on WWW, Netscape and Indexes

Fri Dec 5 Just Enough UNIX
Required Readings
Ackermann text: Appendix A

Tues Dec 9 File Types and File Transfer
Anonymous and Personal FTP. Finding programs. Uploading and downloading files between your cyberspace and your PC. MIME Attachments
Required Readings
Ackermann text: Chapter 4

Thurs Dec 11 Another Method of file transfer: Uploading/Downloading

Tues Dec 16 Pathfinder Project Due. History of the Internet
Required Readings
Ackermann text: Chapter 1
http://www.cs.unca.edu/~davidson/local.html Parts 1 and 2.

Thurs Dec 18 Other Resources for Communication: moos, IRC and UNIX talk
Required Readings

Fri Dec 19 Test 3 on UNIX, FTP and history.

Mon Dec 22
grades are due at the Registrar. I will leave your papers, exams and course grades in your mailbox.


     Pathfinder                     20 points
     3 Tests                        60 points (20 points each)
     Attendance and
     participation on
     class mailing list             20 points

A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69 F = below 60

Nota Bene

Comment Cards. I will be using a system of comment cards to promote feedback and interaction between us. I will distribute these cards at the end of each class session. You may ask a question or enter a comment (to which I will respond) or merely write "present" to note your attendance.

Attendance is required. We are covering a great deal of material very rapidly. You are allowed 2 absences; after that a point will be deducted for each absence.

Academic Honesty is expected and students involved in cheating, actively or passively, will fail the assignment and may be referred to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Practice is essential. I expect you to spend 3 hours a week, outside of class, working on the internet. This practice time should include posting to the class list, practicing UNIX commands, and working with tools you learn about in class. Use this time to work on your project.

Lab Access There are several labs on campus with a variety of machinery, most of which can be used to access your account. As the semester wears on more and more students will be using the labs and access to these machines may become difficult as people rush to complete work. Be sensitive to this. While I expect you to spend at least 3 hours a week outside of class working on the Internet you may want to spend additional time visiting with friends, playing at various sites or with games and graphics. This extra fun time is fine as long as you are not preventing other students from completing their work. If you are involved in personal interests on the internet and you become aware that others need the machines for work you should voluntarily give up the machine.

I can be available to you by appointment. I am always *happy* to meet and work with students outside of class. Feel free to email me davidson@cs.unca.edu or approach me in a unix talk any time you have a question or want to discuss what you're learning.


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