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Game Overview

Flight of the Amazon Queen is an irreverent pastiche of the adventure serials that were popular in the 1940's and is brimming with fun-filled action and a progressively difficult level of play.

Playing Joe King, pilot for hire, you must battle against all odds to stop an evil genius from taking over the World. Throw in a beautiful Amazonian princess, two misguided missionaries, some six foot tall pygmies and a mysterious ancient temple, and you've got yourself one fun filled game that'll probably keep you entertained a little longer than your average adventure.

Screen Shots
Faye Russel, 1940's movie star.
The evil doctor Frank Ironstein in his lab.
The Doctor is in and up to no good.
Joe explores an ancient temple.
On a clear day you can see for miles.
Trader Bob, Naomi and Wedgewood the parrot.
Joe does a bit of industrial espionage in the lederhosen factory, or is it?
I feel like we're being...watched.
Princess Azura. Yes she really is a princess.
Joe out on a date.
Just the usual, gangster trouble.
Joe likes to end the night with a bang.


Game Features

- Around 110 graphic locations
- Over 40 individual people to talk to
- Double width screens that scroll (many featuring foreground parallax)
- Each conversation changes as the game progresses so dialogues rarely repeat
- Hundreds of puzzles
- Features voices by Bill (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Batman) Hootkins, Enn (Spitting Image) Reitel, Penelope (To the Manor Born, The Good Life) Keith and other professional actors.

Here's what to look for in the stores.
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System Requirements

- IBM 386 and 100% compatibles. 386/33 and above recommended with 4Mb RAM
- VGA graphics card
- Supports Soundblaster, Adlib, Roland LAPC1 - Double speed CD-ROM
- Hard disk

Software Required

- MS DOS 5.0 or higher - MSCDEX 2.1 or higher

This is what the reviews say:

"...this is almost certainly the best graphic adventure to hit the PC since the hilarious Sam and Max Hit The Road."
- Ultimate Future Games
"They just don't make adventure games like this anymore."
- PC Zone
"Flight of the Amazon Queen admirably challenges the rein of LucasArts' adventure games..."
- PC Gamer
"...a difficult game to leave alone and it should maintain the interest of serious adventure-heads for some time."
- PC Power
"...Amazon Queen is funny, brilliantly animated and hugely entertaining..."
- PC Format
"Flight of the Amazon Queen is an enjoyable romp..."
- PC Review
"Thanks to an imaginative setting, enjoyable puzzles, and intriguing plot, it has all the ingredients to become a timeless classic."
- Amiga Computing 93%

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