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Who's Using Focus Focus version 1.1 is now available. Read all about the new features. To try it out online go to our online conferences or download a demonstration version and try it on your own system. Existing customers with version 1.0 can upgrade free to 1.1.

Secure conferencing for Intranets or the Internet! The popular Stronghold 128-bit SSL Web server now comes with Focus built-in. You can use your Stronghold evaluation license key to enable the copy of Focus.

Focus is now available in French and German as well as English. We can also translate to many other languages at low cost. To find out more about translating Focus, contact us!

Focus in Detail

Focus is an easy to use web-based conferencing system from UK Web. It's easy for users, easy for conference administrators, and straightforward for technical people.

Anyone with a Web browser can access a Focus conference site over the World Wide Web, to join in discussions across work groups, interest groups, learning groups, and organisations. Our clients use Focus for:

  • customer support
  • public and private discussion groups
  • company communications over an Intranet
  • distance learning
  • meeting follow-up
  • workgroup collaboration
  • and more

Focus is the next generation of conference software. With display options for every browser, from plain html to interactive Java, Focus is setting new standards in Internet communications. Log on to our Focus conference site, and try it out for yourself.

Focus in Detail
Product Information Why Focus? Try It Online Download and Try It Order
A detailed guide to Focus features, including a list of new features plus pricing and availability. What makes Focus different from the rest? We've set up an area for you to try out Focus on our site. You can also try out the administrator features. Download a demo version of Focus and try it out on your own system. To buy Focus, jump to our order page where you'll see the available payment methods.

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