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UK Web staff have considerable experience dealing with all facets of web technology, including development of custom server software and complex interactive services, and the specification, installation and operation of software, hardware, and networking products. Our expertise in human-computer interaction gives us the skill to develop intelligent information structures that work for both users and administrators. Additionally, our long experience in IT consultancy, business and financial management, and software project management provides the basis for developing technical solutions within a business context.


UK Web are always interested in hearing from enthusiastic people with a variety of Internet skills.


Contact information for all UK Web products and services.


Dave Williams, dwilliams@ukweb.com, Managing Director, has most recently been Consultant to Leeds City Council on information and communications strategy, developing city-wide strategies in response to developments in cable, digital technologies and the Internet. He has a background in programming and electronics.

Leslie Holmes, lholmes@ukweb.com, Web Services Director, was owner of Multimedia Communications, a multimedia consulting company based in San Francisco and Leeds, specialising in development of communication strategies for the on-line environment and human/computer interface design. She formerly worked for Apple Computer in California.

Mark Cox, mark@ukweb.com, is Technical Director at UK Web. He most recently developed the Bradford Telescope Project. He is a member of the core development team for the Apache server.

Paul Sutton, paul@ukweb.com, is Technical Director at UK Web. He installed the University of Bradford's Internet connection in 1991, and until joining UK Web was responsible for the University's Internet connection and all network services. He is a member of the core development team for the Apache server.

Rob Noble, rnoble@ukweb.com, is our Finance Director and also Finance Director of Yorkshire Design Group Ltd and Leeds Design Innovation Centre Ltd. He was formerly Group Financial Controller of an autonomous segment of BTR plc.

Pete Connolly, pconnolly@ukweb.com, Business Development Director, is also Director of Yorkshire Design Group Ltd and Leeds Design Innovation Centre Ltd. He's also been Consultant for the National Economic Development Office and a partner in Skylight Graphics and Lecturer in Art and Design at Leeds Polytechnic.

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We're looking for first class people in many areas of web development.

  • Programming
    We are actively looking for help in our development of advanced WWW server solutions. Interested programmers should be familiar with some or all of the following:
    Network programming (sockets, SSL)
    Database integration (e.g. SQL)
    Scripting languages (Javascript, PHP)

  • HTML coding

  • Visual design

  • Production graphics conversion

  • Product marketing

  • On-line help development

Please contact Dave Williams at dwilliams@ukweb.com.

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46 The Calls
United Kingdom

+44 113 222 0046 (voice)
+44 113 244 8102 (fax)


Apache Technical Services:
Mark Cox mark@ukweb.com or
Paul Sutton paul@ukweb.com

Web site development:
Dave Williams dwilliams@ukweb.com or
Leslie Holmes lholmes@ukweb.com


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To subscribe to the Apache Technical Support Programme: subscribe@ukweb.com

To send feedback about UK Web's website: webadmin@ukweb.com

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